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How Do You Fix Common Google Drive Issues?- Www.Office.Com/Setup

Google Drive is the online storage solution which helps you to store and save files with others. It is created for PC, Mac, Computer and Android Phones. It gives you lots of services and the files are easily accessible in it. But sometimes the users are unable to share files, clear out storage space and also cannot be able to access a document in Google Drive. But in case, you need help then you can contact to expert of Microsoft Office via www office com setup Enter the Activation Keycode.

Common Google Drive Issues And Their Solutions:

  • How To Get Back Old Version Of File:

Google Drive always keeps the edit history of all the documents. Users, who have editing permission, can make changes on your document. And all the changes made on the file will appear on the right side of the document. If you want to go back to an earlier version of file, then you should go to File and then select Version history and after this, choose See version history.

  • How To Recover File Which has Disappeared:

If you can only access to the file, then you should check your Google Drive trash folder. If you can find the file then just right click on it and just select Restore. Now you can see the file in its original location. If the file is not in trash, then may be it has mistakenly file moved to another file. In this case, you can search your file by using keywords or dates.

If there are many people working on the file, then its difficult to get back the file because if one person deletes a shared file, then it has been deleted for everyone. So, it necessary that you should keep the backups of your files in a secure location. In this situation, an administrator can have the access to all deleted files within 30 days of their deletion.

  • Cannot Print on Google Drive:

Sometimes, printers and Google Drive cannot work together. To fix it, you have to check that your printer software should be up-to-date as Google Drive regularly updated. Otherwise, it will outpace your printer software and result in printing errors. Secondly, your web browser should be up to date. You should disable any browser extensions which are interfering in your printing. To resolve this issue, you can download your file as a PDF and then you should print it from your PDF software instead of using your browser.

  • Google Drive Has Run Out of Storage Space:

To fix this, you should delete the data from Google Drive. Now on Google Drive, you should click on Storage which is on the left-hand side menu. Here, it will show you all your files, if you want to delete any file, just right click on it and then select Remove option. Remember, you should also remove it from the trash.

You can also upgrade your Google One Storage. As it comes with 15 GB of storage space, if in case you don’t want to delete any file then you can pay to upgrade your storage space.

These are some of the issues which user generally faces. If you need technical support, then visit to the site of MS Office through Product Key.

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