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Kids and Teens

How Does Family Stress Affect Your Academic Performance?


The stress of family mixed with study stress can cause students to go through a nervous breakdown. Every child deserves a calm and relaxed environment at home. Because nobody can control the school environment so after coming from school, they prefer to have a relaxing afternoon at home. But if there are tension and stress in the home environment as well, then it can badly affect the child. They grow irritating and go through anger issues.

Children are the first to feel the tension in the home, and they usually just can’t ignore the elephant in the room. Though they may not speak about it, it disturbs them internally. And they only wish for things to go normal and serene.

Imagine you have your finals in a few days, and your family is going through something. Will you be able to give your finals with family stress lying on your shoulders? No. It will just weigh you down, and you won’t be able to concentrate on your academics. There are many examples where a child failed classes due to family stress. That’s how bad it can affect the child though some elders think it won’t affect them at all. Not every child is expressive, and some with all the family stress might not be able to tell the parents about how badly it’s affecting their academic performance.

No more deep slumber

Family stress can make the child stress out so much that it disturbs their sleeping pattern and cause insomnia. They will be up late thinking about how to resolve the issues going on and won’t be able to get some sleep. Without a proper good night sleep, they won’t be able to concentrate on their academics, leading to low grades and even failure.

According to the American Academy of sleep medicine, every child aged 6-12 needs 9–12-hour sleep and the teenagers aged 13-18 needs 8-10 hours of sleep. To function properly sleep is a must.

Anger runs through your veins

Combination of no sleep and family stress will make the child angry. Due to family stress, they might get angry thinking over and over about the problems and not finding a perfect solution. And we all know with less sleep any person can become irritable. Anger issues can cause big problems related to academics. They will not just make the academic performance poor, but it will also affect their personality. They might take out their anger on someone innocent. Especially in school, they might end up bullying other people which will cause a hue and cry. It can become a permanent black spot on their academic profile because no school tolerates bullying and the child might end up expelled.


Memory problems

Due to family stress on their mind, they might not remember the things they learn at school. Stress takes a toll on the mind and leads it to forgetfulness. Memory problems play a vital part in a child’s academic performance. Imagine it’s your final paper you are sitting on your desk with the question paper in front of you, and yet the pen is lying still on the desk. You want to remember what you learned, but the only thing that is going through your head is the fight your parents had. And there is not a single thing about the paper you can remember. Its totally blank up in your head. You try to concentrate but still no use. And in the end, you get up stressed and leave the examination room.

It will just add up to your stress. The stress of not being able to give the paper and the family issues going on.

Concentration at home and not in academics

Family stress distracts the child from every other normal thing in their life. They won’t be able to concentrate in school, which will lead to no learning. Their main focus will be at the problems at home and school will be at the back of their minds. It will affect their performance during papers and tests.


It’s always better if a family is going through something to sit down and talk with every family member. Try to solve the problems and if you can’t at least try to ease up each and every family member. Always look out for children whenever a problem strikes. And make sure it’s not affecting their academics and their mental health as well.


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