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How Does Garlic Improve Men’s Health

Garlic is one of the favorite spices. It is used as flavor enhancing agent in food preparations from meat, soup to vegetables, stews and in salad dressing.

Garlic is one of the favorite spices. It is used as flavor enhancing agent in food preparations from meat, soup to vegetables, stews and in salad dressing. The health benefits of the garlic can be gauged from the fact that it is main ingredient in garlic toast and garlic butter.

Garlic comes in blubs, which are broken to get individual cloves. The skin of the cloves is removed to get the fresh garlic clove. The clove is steamed, sliced, cooked, smashed or minced according to the food preparation method. The intensity of the garlic flavor also depends on a garlic clove is cooked. Here, we are focused on benefit this wonder spice gives to mens health.

Garlic benefits to males

Garlic is the single most potent herb or spice for a male health. It increases potency, lifting sagging libido and cuts the risk of prostatists. The biggest support comes by its impact on blood circulation. Garlic stimulates the metabolism along with increase in blood circulation. The single most adverse event which decreases the male health and potency is reduction of blood circulation towards the male organ. It leads to erectile dysfunction in males. A condition when males are not able to get an erection, even when they are fully aroused.

Allicin compound in garlic increases blood flow to male organ, which ensures a normal erection, thus reducing the need for Levitra 40 mg, a higher dose doctors suggest for an erection. The same compound also boosts sperm count in male body. It also keeps sperm count healthy.

Garlic adds weight loss

Scientists believe that garlic normalizes the blood sugar levels to induce the weight loss. When blood sugar levels are curbed, the hunger also gets reduced.  It supports healthy metabolism in the body and fights bad cholesterol.  The regular eating of garlic restores the function of adrenaline production, which helps in breakdown of fats.

Clean blood vessels with garlic

Garlic cleans blood vessels of any obstruction that stops the blood flow towards the male organ. It cuts the risk of formation of cholesterol. It also dilutes blood, which increases blood flow. The sufficient inflow of blood into spongy tissue of male organ strengthens the erection.  A male with smooth blood flow in the penis will never face any erection issue.

Males with mild erectile dysfunction get cure without medicines just by increasing garlic in various forms in diet. The male who are depending on higher doses like Sildenafil citrate 200mg, for severe erection cases, lower their dependency on higher doses with regular garlic consumption.

Heart health

Diallyl trisulfide, a garlic component helps in recovery from heart surgery. Study on mice found that use of this component of garlic reduces the heart damage as compared to untreated mice. A strong heart is a base of a healthy body, as it ensures smooth blood flow to vital organs and cells in the body. The garlic oil also protects diabetes patients from cardiomyopathy, the heart muscle disease.  There are many other compounds in garlic that protect heart health.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a major risk factor for males above 50. It is single major cause of erection issue in males above 60. Medical researchers have confirmed that allium in garlic is related to low risk of prostate cancer in males.  The study came out in Asian pacific journal of cancer prevention in 2013.

Best time to eat garlic

The best time is before sleeping or early in the morning. This is the period when bacteria in our stomach is not protected by food and is at its most vulnerable position. It is easy to destroy the bacteria to get the full benefit of the garlic. Consult a doctor if you have some stomach problems. Chew some lemon slice, cardamom, or cinnamon, or rinse mouth with mouth wash. Garlic should be consumed in raw form, but you can also use it in food items during cooking.


Eat garlic not just for its flavor and also tested and proved health benefits. Increase your immunity against common cold, protect heart, cut risk of formation of cholesterol in blood vessels and get a natural boost to blood flow in the pelvic area. Include garlic in diet in raw form or as part of ingredient in cooking vegetables.  For achieving optimum results, consume raw garlic but there are appetizing options in form of roasted garlic soup, garlic bread or garlic shrimp.

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