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How Does It Take to Create a Whatsapp Clone Script with Top Class Features

Whenever we talk about the most successful messaging app, there is only one name to discuss “WhatsApp”. Various Whatsapp clone scripts were developed after its success, but no clone script got success like this app. 

For building a similar app like WhatsApp, a developer should know everything about it like its technicalities and functioning mechanism.   

Required Steps for Building a WhatsApp Clone App

Check out below steps if you are interested in developing the same app like WhatsApp-

Data Insights of WhatsApp

The daily limit of WhatsApp to handle the messages is 50 billion. The key to easy data processing is message queue length. For multimedia messages like video, audio, or image are stored to an HTTP server and are attached with the content, then sent to the receiver as a thumbnail.  

WhatsApp Protocol

WhatsApp’s main protocol is Extensible messaging and presence protocol that should be used by other messaging apps like WhatsApp. DSK makes sure the network security and helps secure private data transmission. Further, WhatsApp uses HTML5 WebSockets via communication technology that facilitates two-way communication. 

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Registration Procedure 

Users must have the facility of registering via the phone number, and they will get an OTP to verify themselves. After that, the app will initiate the user to the app chat screen.

Database Management

Mnesia DB is known as a multiuser distributed DBMS that helps to get fast response for requests. Hence it improves the efficiency overall.

How to Produce a Chat Application like WhatsApp from Scratch?

Here are the details on how to develop a simple chat app-

  • Starting setup
  • Setup from client-side
  • Messages layout
  • Login system
  • Adding layouts
  • Save and forward messages
  • Model class
  • Receiving messages
  • List of adapters
  • Live queries

Some Important Features to Include in the App

Take a look at these features shown below-

  •  Know the messaging status like sent, delivered, pending, and read.
  • Copy and paste the messages on the chat app interface.
  • Message forwarding, replaying audio messages, starting a thread, and quoting messages.
  • Message deletion from chat history, either at the recipient’s end or locally in the Whatsapp clone script.
  • Searching all the messages just by typing initial letters.
  • Sending of emojis and stickers 
  • Deleting dialogues.
  • Collection of local conversation
  • Enable or disable the message notifications
  • Opening and sending file attachments 
  • Using an in-built editor to increase pictures before sending 
  • Attachment compression before sending to decrease the file size
  • Sending contacts from your contact list into messages.
  • Sending your location to others to know exactly where you are?
  • QR code reading.

Final Words

So, by analyzing all these above factors, we can say that creating a messaging app like WhatsApp will take around 24 hours. Sometimes, more than that due to extra features and technicalities. But take services from only experienced developers as the development process is not easy at all. Take all the necessary things into consideration as the light tools will ensure your chat app project’s success.

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