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How Does the Facebook Algorithm Work for Advertising?

How Does the Facebook Algorithm Work for Advertising?

In today’s saturated market, it is getting harder to reach an audience with advertising.

However, targeted social media advertising campaigns have been shown to be more effective than many other campaigns.

In fact, 49% of internet users say they are likely to make a purchase from a company advertised in their social media feed.

Facebook is one of the most recognizable and largest social media sites around.

It also uses an algorithm to create targeted ads, putting your advertising in front of just the right audience. Read below to find out how the Facebook algorithm works.

What Is the Facebook Algorithm?

Facebook advertising is something that all businesses should consider. Each online source of advertising has its own advantages.

For example, Google Ads is often considered a search platform while Facebook is a social platform.

Paid searches use keywords to help customers discover businesses, while Facebook uses interests to promote businesses to users.

Facebook uses monitoring software to evaluate every post. Each post receives a “score” based on interests and engagement by the user.

For business ads, the higher the score, the higher your chances are of being placed high in the descending order of interest for that user.

Below are suggestions on how to increase your score for the maximum amount of users.

Create Great Content

The first step to maximizing the Facebook Algorithm is to get noticed. To get noticed, you need appealing, engaging content.

Make sure your posts are visually appealing. Posts with images are 37% more likely to be clicked on than text-only posts. Try video posts and polls to encourage more interaction with your posts.

Community Interaction

Facebook monitors who you interact with, and who interacts with you. This builds a community of like-minded people.

So be sure to like and interact with groups, and other (non-competing) businesses and encourage friends to engage with your posts and even share them.

You should look into Google Ads vs Facebook Ads to learn more about how community interaction differs.

Timing Is Important

You can use Facebook Insights to determine the best time to post your content on Facebook by seeing when your target audience is most active.

Use this information to decide when to post to help boost the likelihood of it being seen.

Use the Power of Hashtags

Hashtags are an often underused tactic with Facebook advertising.

Learning how to use hashtags correctly can help put your posts in front of more eyes. It increases interactions and increases your searchability.

Harnessing the Power of the Facebook Algorithm

It may take a little work, but you can benefit from the Facebook algorithm as well. It can give your advertising dollars a lot more bang for their buck. And it is a great way to complement your other advertising efforts.

For more tips on how to help your business flourish, be sure to check out more of our business articles. We also cover topics like health, technology, home improvement and so much more!

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