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How Does The Seat Elevation Give Independence To The Users?

A wheelchair is only helpful for covering horizontal distances, but what about vertical distance? Both vertical and horizontal distance matters the same and should give equal importance. While the seat elevation will help the patient to go up and down, forward and backward. 

It will help the users to do tasks they can not do in a wheelchair. Now the user can freely participate in the get-together without thinking about the uplift and won function in the chair. 

Functional And Physical Benefits

The elevation seat makes the user’s daily work easy; now, he can perform all the previous tasks like reaching the higher part of the cupboard, cooking, to reach the shelf of the fridge. Now the patient doesn’t have to take help from any family member. 

Now he can perform a wide range of activities that stopped him from living his lids fully. If any of your friends are in a wheelchair, then you should gift him the elevation seat, and different Wheelchairs in Adelaide will make them happy.

Social benefits

The next benefit of the elevation seat is that the patient can make eye contact with other people and boost their confidence. The high sitting position will reduce back and neck pain risk. It will boost your confidence as you can go anywhere freely.

Consideration during seat elevation and Wheelchairs in Adelaide!

  • Safety and security of yourself while driving the elevation seat.
  • Slow down the speed while driving the elevation seat. It is because the high position will harm the person.
  • You can also adjust the height of the elevation seat according to the need and comfort of the person.

This way, you’ll better understand the different perks of integrating over the elevated seat. 

How To Clean And Disinfect An Elevation Seat? 

The first thing you must remember is that cleaning and disinfecting are two different things. Cleaning means cleaning the chair’s surface and removing the bacteria and germs, but disinfecting the surface means killing the bacteria and germs. You can clean the chair using the regular cleaning material to clean the surface. But to disinfect the chair surface, you must use a chemical substance to kill the bacteria.

Ensure you are not using solvents, abrasives, synthetic detergents, wax enamels, and sprays. It is because they can cause the bacteria later or not be good for the patient.


All the above points will help you maintain the elevation seat as you can work for longer. Suppose you have any query or doubt regarding the wheelchair or elevation seat. In that case, you should visit our website Respirico, and you will love it as all the elevation seats are available and on an affordable budget. You can also put the cushion on the chair to increase the comfort level. Elevation seats will help the patient to grow, practice walking, reading, etc.

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