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How Does The Solar Panel System work?

Working Of Solar Panel System

Before knowing about the working of solar panels, we need to know about solar panel systems. Solar power system converts the sunlight into electricity, which we can use in different ways. You also need to work on solar panel installation, it should be installed in a better place. So that as much as sunlight fall on it.

Firstly, people should know about the material of the solar panel

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The solar panel is made up of small units of cells called photovoltaic cells. These photovoltaic cells are made up of silicon. Silicon is a semi-conductor. It traps the sun’s rays and helps in the flowing of electrons. Only because of this sunlight can be converted into electricity.

Working of the solar panel system


As we all know now that solar panel is made up of silicon cells, when sunlight hits the panel the silicon photovoltaic cells layer absorb the light energy and produces electricity. This is done only by the photovoltaic effect. We cannot use the electricity which is produced by our panels because it is direct current (DC) electricity.
Now, the direct current electricity flows towards the inverter. The inverter is the only machine that can convert the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. If the direct current electricity converts into alternating current electricity then it can be used by you at the home. But before this, AC electricity needs to travel through the switchboard.

Switchboard is the only appliance through which you can use alternating current electricity first and then the other normal electricity. It acts as a barrier between your normal electricity and solar panel electricity. If and only if you consumed all the electricity which is produced by the solar system, then after that you can use electricity from your grid.
If you are using solar panels then you need to change your meter. Your normal meter will be replaced by a bi-directional meter which is also known as utility meters. You can install it with the help of your normal electricity retailer. With the help of a bi-directional meter, you can record your electricity consumption, and also it records the alternating current electricity which you consumed. The solar electricity consumption gets minus by the grid with the help of bi-directional meters. Now, this process is called net-metering.

Unused sun-oriented power is then sent back to the matrix. By trading sun-oriented power back to the matrix, you receive a credit on your electric bill called a feed-in tariff (FiT). Your electric bills at this point will reflect the power you buy from the grid, in addition to credits for power generated by the sun-based power plant that you do not use.
With sun-based power, you don’t need to turn it on in the first part of the day or turn it off toward the evening – the framework will do this flawlessly and consistently. You likewise don’t need to switch between sunlight based power and the network, as your close planetary system can decide when it is ideal to do so, contingent upon the measure of energy utilized in your home. The truth is, a close planetary system needs virtually no support (since there are no moving parts), which implies you will hardly notice it is there. This likewise implies a decent quality sun based power framework will go quite a while to keep.
There are so many solar panels Sydney that can provide you all the information you need in detail. It’s really very beneficial for your house. You can also take help from solar system installation providers. They can help you with its installation.

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