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How Essentials Oils Are Used For Your Headache?

Millions of people worldwide are suffering from headaches for a number of reasons every day and they don’t often know what to blame! There are so many causes like anxiety, hormones, food disorders, fatigue, asthma, low blood sugar, alcohol or drug use. Opt for stress relief oil which might help relieving your headache.

Then, of course, a few of those causes are combined wickedly. There is no lack of natural headache remedies if you suffer from chronic headaches and fail to find an effective remedy. But maybe you didn’t try the one alternative, the key ingredient that can make the biggest difference.

The most common treatment for headache is pain relievers, but these pills have host ugly side effects such as damage to the kidney and liver, and they don’t deal with the root of the problem.

Besides pain relievers, essential oils serve as headache treatment as they treat the headache trigger safely and efficiently, addressing the source of the problem rather than momentarily mitigating pain. Also, no harmful side effects are found when a diffuser uses essential oils for headaches and you can fully control your dose to adjust it to the type of headache you experience.

How to Use the Essential Oils for Headache Relief?

Migraine Headache:

A migraine is an extreme and painful type of headache with pulsating pain , nausea and increased sensitivity to light. Stress , anxiety, lack of sleep and hormonal changes may cause migraines. Massage lavender or peppermint oils to relieve headaches , nausea and anxiety in the temples and back of the neck.

Tension Headache:

Such “stress headaches” are called, and are described as slow, persistent pressure or pain. Tension headaches are normally caused by my pressure feelings. Using eucalyptus or peppermint stress relief oil and anxiety topically on the ears, foreheads and wrists. In a warm water bowl , add 5 to 10 drops of lavender oil to calm your mind.

Sinus Headache:

If the sinus cavity membranes are inflamed and swollen, stresses can lead to sinus headache on the front area where they are located. Using eucalyptus oil to open the nasal passages on the throat, nose surface and temples and alleviate sinus stress.

Sugar Headache:

This is pain caused by low levels of blood sugar. Combine lavender, rosemary and coconut oil on the same sections and use them topically on the back of your arms, temples and forehead. And take 1 drop of rosemary internally with a smoothie or a cup of soup.

Peppermint oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil and rosemary oils are the top four essential oils. 

There are many easiest methods among all the easiest ways to use essential oils for anxiety is to distribute them to ease headaches with a high quality diffuser. 

Such top four essential oils can also be mixed with other hydrosol flowers, such as chamomile oil, cineole oil, spearmint oil and other oil mixtures. These essential oils have been used since ancient times because they are herbal and plant based mostly which are very safe and prominently useful for all the types of headaches which you are facing today.

What Are The Possible Side Effects of Essential Oils for Headaches?

It is best to dilute the oil first when using these essential oils for headaches, particularly in sensitive areas such as the nose and forehead. If you have never used an oil before, quickly test it on a small skin area until it is applied to large areas. 

If using these oils internally, bear in mind that a little is a long cycle 1–2 drops can be achieved without withdrawing a week from internal use and not reaching a span of four weeks.

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