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How Important is a Backlit Keyboard?

Nowadays, many laptops have a unique light-up keyboard. I mean we may not know the name of this feature, so let me tell you that this feature is called a backlit keyboard. A backlight keyboard is pretty much what it means where underneath the keys contain lights that give them lights. Some laptops have this feature that could be turned on and off while others have them automatically turn on like Macbook Pro where it eliminates a white keyboard. Some laptops even have a unique backlight keyboard that can have different lights, like some Dell laptops.

But the question that we may have is having a backlit keyboard important? And if important, how important it is? If we are talking about if a laptop needs to be featured on, then that is a difficult question to answer. But if the question of having a backlit keyboard should be important to me, then the answer is obvious. Of course, you need a backlit keyboard. I mean when it comes to the question of how important is a backlit keyboard it depends on the person. Here are two reasons how important a backlit keyboard is to certain people. 

2 Reasons a Backlit Keyboard Can Be Important


Light at Night

One reason is the usage during the darkness or night time. If you are like me, you like to get things done during night time. You do not like to do things during the daytime because you just want to catch up on your sleep or want to hang with friends. It could be either to work on homework or finish doing work. We have to be very careful about who we are trying to avoid waking up.

When being home, we sometimes do not want to turn on the lights because we do not want to wake up certain people like our kids, roommates, or our parents. When we are on public transportation like a bus, we may not want to wake up the kid that kept kicking the seat all through the first hours and had finally slept. Not only do we not want to wake up, but there are areas where there is not sufficient light shown.

In this scenario, we do not want to have to turn on the light or have to wear a flashlight in our head to see the keyboard. Having a backlit keyboard is very handy. You do not have to turn on the lights or wear some silly thing to have light. Let me light on the keyboard.

Add Some Color

Another reason is that backlit keyboards have varying colors. Some laptops cannot have their color change. When buying Apple laptops, they come with backlit keyboards that are white. They do not turn into another color but they can turn on and off. But Apple can adjust keyboard brightness automatically and manually. Unlike Apple laptops, there are some Dell laptops like the Dell Latitude 14 that can change keyboard backlight color. It can change from white, red, green, to blue, but it can also change to change colors every so often like a slideshow of color keyboards.

I mean if you are a gamer, you would like a keyboard that could change color because eliminating just white might not be the most entertaining color. There are even wire keyboards that are connected to a desktop that have colorful backlit keyboards. Like the Arteck HB220B keyboard, the cost is around $18 which can change from red, blue, or green.

If you are a person who likes colorful keyboards, you may want to look for a keyboard that illuminates different colors. But if you are someone that just wants a backlit keyboard, you may want to consider a regular laptop that just has backlit. 



So if you are still thinking about the importance of having a backlit keyboard, well there is not a clear answer. I mean it pretty much depends on you and if you want it. You can either buy a laptop that does not have a backlit keyboard or a laptop that does not.

If you decide to buy a laptop that has a backlit keyboard, just understand that it may cost a little more. Usually, laptop models that have a backlit keyboard, may start at $800 and could rise. Unlike standard keyboards, backlit keyboards consume more power than standard keyboards which means that these laptops may not have long battery life.

There is one benefit that comes with having a backlit keyboard which is having the ability to type at night. If you are a gamer or just typing during the night, having a backlit keyboard is beneficial to use. It is all up to chose if having a backlit keyboard is important to you.

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