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How Modern Technology Revolutionize Dentist Experience

Needless to say, modern technology has totally revolutionized the dentist experience and continues to shape the way dentistry functions.

Technology has not only made visits to the dentist hassle-free for patients, but has also improved their overall experience! With such a strong demand for dentists, it is improving some of the most critical facets of dentistry, such as the development of specialised dental extraction tools, which streamlines the procedure for the good of all people involved.

If you’re making your next dental appointment, this article will tell you a lot about the role of new technology in dentistry. We hope, by reading the article, you can boost your visitor experience & achieve effective care outcomes!

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5 Different Ways Modern Technology Revolutionize Dentist Experience

  • Artificial Intelligence has Made Oral Diagnose So Easy
  • Augmented Reality (AR) has Improved The Feedback Level
  • Virtual Reality
  • Smart Toothbrush
  • Computer-assisted design and 3D-Printing

Concluding Remarks

5 Different Ways Modern Technology Revolutionize Dentist Experience

1. Artificial Intelligence has Made Oral Diagnose So Easy

Professional dentists now use a range of software to assist in real-time clinical decision-making. Today, with the arrival of AI, they are relying more on new technologies and assisting their patients greatly, finding the right oral health modalities.

AI has improved everything, from diagnosis to clinical methodology, and from real-time patient oral health insights to the broader healthcare system! Dentists can now use digitization and smart AI algorithms to improve their patients’ visits at any stage of their care.

Besides, they can also quickly give patients the right treatment choices and clinical advice as A.I. resources have access to their data. In brief, patients will be able to select from various treatment choices depending on their conditions and advanced dentistry techniques.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) has Improved The Feedback Level

You may have heard that Augmented Reality (AR) is being used in a number of technologies, including social media apps and business networks. This technology is now reshaping the dental industry, aiding both patients and dentists in optimising their visit and practise experience.

The biggest advantage of this cutting-edge technology in dentistry is that it helps patients to see how they appear when undergoing oral health treatment. Patients will be able to see their faces with AR due to the previous reconstructive and aesthetic procedure for primary care. Aside from that, AR can aid with assessing the issue and fixing it prior to the final procedure.

Patients and dentists can likewise conveniently configure features of the teeth such as height and spacing to their preference before going to the surgery room by knowing the problem.

3. Virtual Reality

Combine Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in no way! By blocking out the outside world with a fantastic headset, VR technology entertains the user in a virtual world!

Using this technology, dentists can perform well in the OR (Operations Research) from their sofa by putting such a headset over the patient’s head, while patients can peacefully visualise a landscape while sitting in the dentist’s chair. Both of these would give them a happier time.

Aside from that, dentists can use a virtual reality camera to monitor procedures around the world and assist medical students in being involved in the OR using their VR goggles. It also encourages the spectator (novice dentists) to digitally support the surgeon in the operation.

4. Smart Toothbrush

The smart devices in dentistry is expanding at the same rate just like our homes are crowded with them. You may find it strange, but it is true!

Smart toothbrushes have emerged as one of the most innovative smart products in dentistry. The smart toothbrush has made it much easier to diagnose and improve oral hygiene to avoid plaque and cavities. This brush will ensure that you are brushing your teeth correctly and will assist you in sustaining the healthy practise of brushing your teeth on a regular basis.

Apart from that, one of the most impressive features of this brush is that it gives you real-time input through a companion app that tells you how soft or hard you’re brushing. As a result, you can improve your brushing experience and turn your poor brushing habits into good ones in this manner.

5. Computer-Assisted Design and 3D-Printing

Computer-assisted modelling and 3D printing have also transformed dentistry, turning it into low-cost, more efficient computer laboratories. Basically this technology aids dentists in many ways and improves the patient experience. The crowning process is the primary one.

This means that if a patient requires a crown, the dentist takes a mould of the tooth &  fabricates a temporary crown. But It’s not all done! The patient has to wait for the final crown to be made by a dental laboratory, which is quite time-consuming & boring!

With CAD/CAM technologies & 3d printing, the tooth is drilled to prepare for the crown where dentists can     immediately take print out. After that, the print is moved to a printer that creates the crown.

Dental laboratories can reduce the burden of manual modelling. In addition, it can help their business grow by using a 3D printer to do the smart work. It also aids in improving workflows, reducing errors, and lowering the number of labour required.

Concluding Remarks

Hopefully, you’ve grasped how new technology is changing the way dentists and patients interact. If you are a patient who visits the dentist on a daily basis for an oral health checkup, you might be familiar with these technologies.

If you want to work in dentistry, however, knowing the value and use of these innovations would be extremely beneficial! New technology is being used everywhere, from dental implant treatment to designing implant surgery kit . So, whichever field you chose for your profession, make sure you are well-versed in technological advancements.

Thanks for the reading! Stay tuned for more such posts!

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Cindy Wilkinson is an operational manager in "TBS Dental" which is a manufacturer and distributor company of high-quality dental instruments. She handles all the activities that are related to dental instruments and equipment.

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