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How Much Is My Ring Worth?

How Much Is My Ring Worth?

Are you needing some fast cash?

There are a million reasons someone might need money as quickly as possible. For example, perhaps your car desperately needs repairs or the monthly bills have started piling up. Whatever the case, being cash-strapped isn’t fun. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to temporary financial dilemmas.

One way to get fast cash is by selling jewelry. Do you have any gold or silver rings that you can live without? If so, this article can help you turn those jewels into the money you need by determining ring value.

Keep reading to learn how much your ring is worth so you can cover your expenses.

How to Break Down the Value of Jewelry

Let’s start by breaking down the different types of value of any piece of jewelry such as rings. After all, a ring can have different values based on various contexts. These types of value include intrinsic value, appraised value, and resale value.

Below we explain each type of value.

Intrinsic Value

The term intrinsic value refers to the ring’s recycling value. In other words, an individual who specializes in selling jewelry would need to consider the value of each raw material used to make the ring.

For example, a particular ring might be made of several different raw materials, including a precious metal such as silver or gold, a diamond or some other gemstone, and perhaps a secondary type of precious metal that’s used for small details in the design.

Each of these raw materials will have an intrinsic market value that will combine to provide an overall value for the piece of jewelry.

Appraised Value

When a jewelry retailer offers an appraisal for an item such as a ring, they are offering a price that reflects the replacement cost rather than the actual value of the ring.

This means that the appraised value of the ring can be much different than the intrinsic value.

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Resale Value of Jewelry

People who work in the jewelry industry use a very simple equation to determine the resale value of an item: Resale value = intrinsic value + style + workmanship.

What exactly does this mean? Basically, the value of a piece of jewelry, such as a bracelet or a gold ring can be determined by calculating the intrinsic value of the individual raw materials, then factoring in the added value of the design along with the quality of the workman that went into making the piece.

A Guide to Determining How much Your Ring Is Worth

When you need money as quickly as possible, selling personal items can help. That’s why this guide to determining how much your ring is worth can be such a valuable resource.

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