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How often do you use a Pressure Cooker

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When you think of a pressure cooker, you can remember the traditional model that screamed and rattled on the plate. However, ignore these ideas as new generation pressure cookers are used in modern kitchens. Today’s pressure cookers come in many shapes and sizes, but there are two main types. A pressure cooker on the stove and an electric pressure cooker such as  instant pot ip-duo60. They work in essentially the same way, taking advantage of the build-up of steam pressure to raise the temperature above the boiling point and squeeze the liquid out of the food.

This means that food cooks faster. It also helps develop flavors and smooth foods. Not sure about buying a board or electric model? If you want to cook your soup quickly, be confident in your kitchen, or have limited kitchen space, it’s best to have a pressure cooker on the stove. However, if you need to “prepare and forget” your food and want your device to do heavy lifting, an electric pressure cooker may be a better option.

There are quite a few things to consider when choosing a pressure cooker to buy. These criteria apply to all pressure cookers, but I have classified the advantages and disadvantages of stovetop and electric pressure cookers in two steps.

Things to consider when choosing a pressure cooker:

What size do you need? -The pressure cooker can only be filled up to 2/3. Think about how many people will cook and how many servings you want from each meal. The 6 and 8 room models are the most common: I use 6 rooms.

Is it dual-use or another device? -Do you want the pressure cooker to act as a separate kitchen? Then select the stainless steel countertop model. If you have room for a countertop appliance, electricity is best.

Durability: How often do you use a pressure cooker? Almost all-electric models come with a nonstick skillet that can fog and stink over time. Models with aluminum plates are the same. Stainless steel is more durable and lasts longer.

Are spare parts available at affordable prices? When I bought an electric pressure cooker a few years ago, I didn’t consider it. The pot and rubber gasket started working and its replacement cost around $ 60, more than half the cost of the original pressure cooker!


Once the food is cooked under pressure, follow the recipe, and apply the correct pressure relief method. So make sure you need to apply a quick release or natural release method to open the lid. The two methods are at least 20-25 minutes apart.

In addition to the tips above, don’t try the cold water supply method with a pressure cooker at pressure cooker. The manufacturer and some recipes have instructions that are generally recommended for some foods, but you can always switch to the easier method. You may lose the flavor, but you will never lose a pressure cooker with this trick.

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