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How Should I Care for a Long Haired Cat?

Long-haired breeds of cat brushing gloves such as Maine Coons, Persians, and Ragdolls need a little extra TLC from their owners than other short-haired breeds. In the natural world, it is unlikely that cats with coats too long for them to maintain themselves would have survived, however selective breeding of domestic cats over hundreds of years has allowed many breeds to develop long, flowing coats that require some human help to keep in tip-top condition.

Long-haired cats should be groomed daily to keep their coats free from knots, matting, and a build-up of dead hair. This is a simple and quick process if done cat brushing gloves regularly before knots can build up, and you should be able to pass brushing gloves through your cat’s coat easily without causing any stress to your cat. You will need a high-quality grooming kit which should consist of several brushes and combs for different purposes.

Cats Grooming Supplies Online

Long Toothed Comb – for general grooming. Work the comb from tip to root to untangle the hair.
Narrow Toothed Comb – for teasing out knots or removing fleas.

Trimming Scissors – you may need scissors to remove stubborn knots or matting. To do this safely, place a comb underneath the knot to protect your cat’s skin and cut out the knot. Trimming scissors can also be used to remove excess hair from around your cat’s anus if it is interfering with their toilet habits.

Wire, Rubber, or Bristle Brush – for removing dead hair and generally conditioning the coat. You should use this brush or the long-toothed comb most often for grooming.

Soft Cloth – used damp to clean your cat’s face, especially around the eye area

Many other types of specialist grooming tools are available, such as shedding blades, clippers, and even hand-held grooming vacuums that gently suck away dead hair and dander (dead skin). Different cats will tolerate or even enjoy different grooming tools, so you may have to experiment to find a method and routine that your cat is happy with.

You should start grooming your cat as early as possible to get them used to the tools and actions. If your cat really hates being brushed, try out a special grooming glove that can tease out dead hair simply while you stroke.

Some pet owners choose to keep long-haired cats indoors to prevent their hair from getting excessively dirty or knotted while outside. However, if your cat does get into a bit of a mess, give them a bath using a special cat shampoo, taking care to avoid getting soapy water in their ears, eyes, mouth, or nose. After bathing, towel dries your cat to remove all excess water and then blow dry with a hairdryer set on low heat.

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Grooming your cat regularly isn’t needed just to keep your cat looking great – it is also important for their health. Like all cats, long-haired breeds spend a lot of time grooming themselves; however, ingesting a large amount of hair can cause excessive hairballs and blockages in their digestive tract. Matted fur can also cause a great deal of discomfort to your cat since the hair is pulled tighter as the knot worsens. Severe matting can result in skin irritation or even infection if not treated.

If you are grooming your cat at least twice a week, it should take no more than a few minutes to restore your cat’s coat to a silky soft sheen, which is highly preferable to wrestling with knots or tangles on a cat that hasn’t been brushed in days or weeks. Take the time to groom your cat regularly to prevent serious problems from building up.

The Best Cat Grooming Gloves

Not only is spending time grooming your cat the responsible thing to do, but it can also be a great way to bond with your cat.

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Pet Grooming Glove

If you’re like me, you have a drawer full of brushes that your hairdresser gave you, that comes packaged with a shampoo bottle as a promotional item, or found in your hair care kit. However, she never goes out to buy a hairbrush, or a comb, for that matter. Well, maybe it’s time that on high-quality brushes you noticed that the bristles are set in uneven lengths. This prevents the bristles from snagging and pulling the hair and also makes the brush more effective at gently detangling the hair.

The high-quality brush is robustly built, with bristles strong enough to withstand the toughest strands but sensitive enough to move natural oils. From the scalp down through the strands without scratching the scalp or causing breakouts, cracks, or other damage. Of course, look for an item, your hair type is an important thing to consider when choosing a brush that works for you.

Cat Shedding & Grooming Gloves

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Pet Cat Hair Removal Mitts Glove For Cats

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