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How should I prepare for the UPSC Prelims crash course 2022 from Jan?

UPSC 2022

Midnight that yes, I’ll be taking this exam for Prelims crash course but I was planning to appear the next year. Therefore, I will share my tactics and if like them, you can follow the same.

Step 1: I came up with a list of the most important items that must be done or read prior to being in the Prelims exam 3 June, 2020.I’m giving you my list in the following

Here 6,7,8,9 …. represent the classes of which the ncerts you have to cover.

In addition, I’ve aimed these areas:

Indian history-Bipin Chandra

Aptitude on weekends

Current affairs PDF from EDEN IAS website from July-2020 to April-2021.

India. Polity. Three times a year of revision for Prelims crash course .

The papers of the previous 10 years that were published in May.

Step 2: – I’ve compiled a list of none. Of days remaining, and then divide the topics to be finished by what date. Cross the not. Every day, you’ll realize that you’ll get more serious as each day passes.

Note-Here EDEN IAS is a reference to Revision. Paper (Past 10 years.)

PS-I’m in the final term of the B.tech and am under the pressure of my graduation exam and the need to finish the project by the due date’s I’m able to make the time necessary to pass the exam, why shouldn’t you? have stated that you could comfortably dedicate 8 hours of every day.

You can give a try to EDEN IAS Mission Prelims; it is very good. There is both online and offline access of it. I was able to revise and re-revise my course by joining the same and able sail through the UPSC Prelims.

I’m providing you with the information. The material should be reviewed at least three or four times. If you’re able to take this step, then do so. In addition, you will need to submit mock tests from any institution. You will then be able to test yourself to decide if you should take this test or wait until 2021. Whatever the outcome you decide to start now, get your preparation underway.

Current Situations from August 2021 to April 2022.

  1. Complete all NCERTS 9-12 with math’s and science, but not science and maths.
  2. History: Bipin Chandra (black orient penguin and swan), Tamil Nadu board 11,12.
  3. Polity: Laxmi Kant. There is no need to move to another place.
  4. Economic: Mural lecture, glossary of the class 11,12 ncert.
  5. Geography: Besides NCERT, you should be revising oxford atlas every day. Pick a continent and read it for 15 minutes each day. Also, include India too.
  6. Science and tech: newspapers or any other current-issue magazine such as Vision as well as EDEN IAS will work.
  7. Environment NCERT (mural has included crucial chapters from each book on his website) Download and print them. Roman Saini lecture is also worth reading.
  8. Cultural: Nitin Singhania’s notes.
  9. The last 5-10 years’ prelims papers Prelims crash course .

If you’re able to pass the above three times, you stand the “chance” of clearing prelims 2018. As long as you’re meticulous in CSAT. On your mock exams, you should be scoring over 80 on CSAT to ensure that your CSAT is in check.

Do not worry about marks or position in GS1 mock exams. A lot of student’s cheats. Make sure you learn from mistakes.

In order to pass the exam, you must to be meticulous and prepared with a minimum 3 things prior to your prelims (after prelims, the only thing you’ll have to do is increasing your writing speed to be able to compose 2000 words within three hours or 6000 words in one day, and 30,000 words within five days):

  1. Essay
  2. Ethics
  3. Optional

If you continue to prepare current events according to the kind of questions being asked and the GS examination papers should be easy. In order to do this, be revising your last year’s papers to ensure that whenever you read an article that is important that you are able to see what the upsc is likely to ask you a question and then note it down.

If, for instance, you read an article about health and you write down the problems that are faced, the challenges and the state that health is in India as well as things the Government is doing, and some suggestions for IAS Coaching in Delhi .

If you are able to streamline your preparation using the above method for the mains exam, and prepare your exam material at least three times, nobody can stop you from passing UPSC CSE 2020.

consider taking a step back to get ready for the 2021 exam. Remember to always remember

“If I’m slowing down or putting off a few seconds in a race isn’t a sign that I’m abandoning the race. It’s a sign that I’m preparing for a massive leap.”

 You also have to perform a lot of trials and mistakes to learn:

  1. What kind of questions do you think you are great or terrible at?
  2. How many questions should you be asking yourself to achieve good accuracy
  3. What kinds of silly errors you need to avoid?
  4. What kinds of tricks work or don’t? \

Take each test with the goal of improving your ability to solve problems.

Candidates were scoring 60-80 on our mocks. They eventually earned positions. Students scored 130plus in our mocks, but have not yet cleared the preliminary exam once.

The actual test will be based upon your capacity to keep yourself in a steady state and apply all of your reasoning, wisdom and experience in a rational and objective manner. If you approach an exam with the same care as the UPSC exam, you’ll score high marks on it as well.

Make sure you are prepared and go into the exam confidently. Even if you score 50 or 60 in practice tests, remind yourself that you’re going to prove them wrong when you score 110+ in the actual test on the 4th of October.

If you are determined and focused you will be able to apply all your knowledge as well as common sense pass the prelims.

It’s a mental game. Only the calmest and most powerful who have a good amount of preparation can be successful in passing exams, regardless of how well-informed their base is. Go conquer it. Come back on October 5th and take a test question (including our own). We wish you the best of luck.

In UPSC everything has to be practical.

Tests that are mock are not actual exams and the mock test score doesn’t make a difference in your score. However, the scores of mock tests will give you confidence and aid in your exam preparation.

In general, a scores of 110+ are excellent in mock tests and has a higher chance of passing the cut-off. There are a lot of selected applicants, who most of the times scored between 80 and 90 to pass the Prelims.

The score you get in Prelims is based on your attitude the way you react to questions in the exam i.e., you must be relaxed and confident about your marks.

The most effective test series to provide guidance is PYQP.

Test series can help you figure your weak points and to avoid making mistakes on the real test and to increase your smart ability to guess, but do not evaluate your level of preparation by the score of test questions.

Be determined and keep the determination to win on the day of your exam.

If you’ve studied well and took a good number of tests, then you’ll be able to master it. If you score 50-60 Marks before the 1-month mark of Prelims, then there’s no need to fret, you can make by 100+ until the upsc Prelims crash course  Check out my other answer on how to increase Prelim’s score.

You are able to join EDEN IAS Prelims test series for a minimal cost.

Good luck. Stay focused, stay determined, and be sure to tell your mind’s eye that you will pass UPSC.

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