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How to activate WeTV on Smart TV or Roku?


Online streaming is both this and also the future and possibly future life we’ll have after regeneration! However, The old days were wildly complex, and that we thought each day about the measures to require for overwhelming the annoyance created by the offline cable connection and everything else.

Nowadays, We’re well equipped with a privileged arsenal containing the weapons like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, and therefore the MX Player to look at all our favorite content directly at our fingertips. This thing promotes everyone, except the Chinese program lovers! One loves streaming the Chinese web series and movies based on Thriller, Action, etc.

So now, We are here introducing a 100% free streaming platform for you. It’ll include the infinite features with most of the exceptional Chinese web series that you just have not experienced yet—presenting WeTV APK, a privileged Android application with many streaming advantages, and an amazing app interface.

This Android app offers you both, Free and paid subscription plans, where you’ll be able to get distinct features and content. Don’t worry about this, since below we’ve created the whole guide to assist you to acknowledge the entire app with its content, subscription plans, and streaming privileges. So must go through each section and begin enjoying WeTV APK Download free of charge from the below download link!

Enjoy most of the hours of entertainment with this Chinese OTT app

Do You understand the most severe drawback presented by every OTT platform, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney+? Yeah, It’s the shortage of free content or just having no free content within the app or web platform. Not everyone can afford the expensive subscription plans for these streaming services, and consequently, we’re providing you the most effective app to enjoy free content additionally – WeTV APK Download!

WeTV APK could be a savage Android app that you just can download, install and enjoy in almost every Android smartphone running above Android 4.4. It’s a strong app containing the whole impressive content for the streamer who loves watching Chinese and Korean Content. you’ll be able to enjoy here thousands of hours of entertainment without becoming bored or interrupted. So stop struggling in those paid services and begin using WeTV APK!

Enjoy all the exclusive types of inscribed in movies and web series on wetv 

If You’re requesting a futuristic OTT streaming platform with no side charges, we’ll recommend you employ WeTV APK once. This streaming app has no annoyances and offers you well-mannered content, adjusted within the different genre styles. Suppose that you just love watching romantic content, so in this case, you’ll be able to simply select the romantic content genre and enjoy many recommendations without getting interrupted.

WeTV offers you 5+ different streaming genres, including movie, Romance, Fantasy, Period Costumes, Modern, Idol, Comedy, Suspense, Horror, and Action. It simply implies that you aren’t imagined to wander on a unique part of the website for added content since everything is obtainable within the single Explore tab. All you wish is to decide on your favorite genre and maintain with thousands of titles!

Download all of your favorite creations using the free offline download feature
Apart from having a polite streaming interface, WeTV APK also offers you the free offline download feature within the app. It’s a similar privilege as Amazon Prime’s and Youtube’s Offline Download. Fundamentally, you’ll be able to download the app and afterward download any of your favorite titles, including as many episodes as you wish.

But unfortunately, These episodes and films won’t get saved on your Android smartphone’s storage, and you’ll be able to only watch it after entering WeTV APK again and again. Well, It’s bearable, nothing difficult to struggle with, since WeTV APK consequently provides you an exceptional app interface, where you’ll download the important stuff with one click on the download button. Enjoy it!

Enjoy thousands of free programs that you just can’t get on YouTube

WeTV APK is just developed to arm you with the most entertaining stuff available around the globe. Mark my words, there are many thousands of Chinese and Korean titles that you just didn’t even hear yet, and every one of these movies and web series includes thrill, action, and romance.

Primarily, The WeTV APK offers you thousands of free web series, which you’ll stream with all of your friends and members of the family, like Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard, you’re my glory, Ancient Love Poetry, My Little happiness, and Please Classmate. Moreover, If You’re an anime lover, you’ll be able to stream series just like the founding father of Diabolism, Spicy Girl, Full-Time Magister, Swallowed Star, and also the King’s Avatar(Dongman). Just one click the below most download button to WeTV APK download and enjoy the incredible stuff freely!

Share your favorite stuff along with your friends to distribute the free fun Sharing is Caring! Then either if you’re sharing love, movies, web series, games, food, or entertainment along with your friends. the most effective friend is one who shares almost every entertaining stuff he liked along with his best friend—keeping that in mind, WeTV APK developers even have added a sharing option inside the appliance. After using this share icon, you’ll be able to simply share your loved stuff along with your friends and members of the family.

This share protocol will basically share the online link of your favorite series along with your friend, where they’ll download that stuff and stream without a single hassle. So now, You’re imagining WeTV APK download from the link and sharing your favorite things along with your best friends to share the love with entertainment! Time to binge-watch all that stuff!

Make your own list, including all of your favorite movies and web series

One of my most favorite features inside the WeTV APK is that the Favorite list formation add-on. Yeah, You heard right! you’ll use this application and make a list of all of your favorite items available within the library. This privilege will assist you to store all of your favorite stuff sideways to stream after you feel dull.

It’s a simplistic task, where you’re required to open the series or movie’s page and click on the My Lists or + shaped icon, and afterward, it’ll automatically get stored within the list. At that time, you’ll be able to open your profile menu and may find that item beneath the My List menu.

Moreover, you’ll be able to also track your streaming history and every one of your offline downloads inside a similar Profile menu. Must remember these things!

Join the WeTV VIP subscription to experience all the premium privileges

We’ve covered almost stuff you’ll get free inside the WeTV APK, and now all remaining is that the paid things of the app. Don’t get shocked; WeTV APK also offers a VIP subscription plan with some external benefits and extraordinary in-app privileges. First of all, This plan will gift you the VIP content of the app. The content inside the app is Free or VIP, and you can’t stream VIP ones without paying!

All you would like is to open your profile menu, and afterward, you’ll apply for the VIP subscription for a monthly charge. This subscription plan will give you some features just like the ad-free app interface, new content release before the free users, special prices for movie rentals.
Search for your required series from the most convenient search bar
Apart from the above details, there’s an additional thing inside the WeTV APK that’ll make your streaming more convenient – The search bar. Yeah, you’ll now click on the search bar and explore for all of your favorite content inside the WeTV APK with English keywords or visit It’ll make searching simple and save some time to scroll the list to search out the required series.

Additionally, This search bar also will provide you with the highest searches of the week. Every one of your searches that you just used before. You’ll be able to either delete this history or keep it for further usage. Isn’t it an amazing feature for a streaming platform?


WeTV APK includes the majority of the famous content published by world-class Chinese directors. You can’t only watch it but can also offline download it to the WeTV’s virtual space for 100% offline streaming. Yeah, The app will sometimes interrupt you with the online advertisements, but you’ll need a paid subscription attempt to skip.

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