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How To Add a Twitter Widget To Your Website

With the growing craze of Twitter social networking, it is becoming a prominent channel for marketers to promote their website and engage the audience with Twitter content. 

Website owners can creatively use Twitter content on their website with the help of Twitter Widgets. 

This Twitter Widget helps collect Twitter content and place it on the website using layout design and style that adds a cool element on the website page/s. 

There are various ways to create Twitter Widget on the website with a timeline, click, tweet, embed a tweet, or use social media aggregator to collect Twitter Feeds from hashtags, mentions, and handles. 

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Some Popular Ways To Embed Twitter Widget On Website


(a.) Twitter Timeline On Website

(b.) Manually Embed Single Tweet On Website

(c.) Highlight Website Content With Larry The Bird

(d.) Use Social Media Aggregator 


(a.) Twitter Timeline On Website

You can create a fascinating widget with Twitter Timeline on your website. It will show your images, videos, or text-based tweets on your website page. However, it won’t disclose the replies to your tweets. 

By embedding Twitter Timeline into your website, it will display the Twitter icon, your Twitter account username, your name, and the content of your tweet. 

With that, it will also show the Like and Share button on tweets. Also, the date of the tweet published appears on the Twitter Widget. 

Twitter Timeline offers various themes and styles to display. However, the majorly used template is the list-based theme style for Twitter Timeline content. 

(b.) Manually Embed Single Tweet On Website

If you want to embed only one tweet on your website, you can simply do it in two ways, by taking the screenshot or copying the embed code from your tweet. 

You can take a screenshot, crop the tweet, and then upload it on the web page where you want it. In this way, you can display Tweets in the image format. It has both benefits as well as a drawback for your website. 

The benefit is that it won’t disappear from the website even if the tweet is removed from the Twitter account. 

But the drawback is that your website visitors cannot reach the original tweet, which lowers the authenticity of tweet content. 

Whereas embedding Twitter posts on your website allows your website visitors to check the original tweet by reaching out to the Twitter platform. 

For this, all you have to do is to click on the three dots of your Twitter post and select the embed code button. You will get the source code for your Twitter post. Copy the code and open the backend of your website. 

Place it on the web page and section where you want to add a Twitter post on the web page. With it, your website visitors can also click on the tweet and reach the tweet on the Twitter app or website. 

Moreover, this embedding code method allows you to embed a single tweet on the website and their replies, like & share button, username, profile picture, date, time, media, and text on the Tweet. 

(c.) Highlight Website With Larry The Bird

Another way to integrate Twitter into the website is by highlighting the Twitter Content with Larry The Bird clickable icon on the content. 

Said that you could highlight the fact, stats, or any content that resonate with the Twitter post content. You can do this by installing the WordPress plugin without any need for further application or another third-party tool. 

With this plugin, the highlighted text takes the user to the browser when they click on the text. Moreover, you can also add the content with a hashtag or mention and add a source of the Twitter post with the Larry The Bird icon. 

(d.) Use Social Media Aggregator

Finally, social media aggregators are the best tool to embed the Twitter widget on the website. It helps collect, curate, and customise Twitter feeds and then embed them on the website in a code-free integration. 

You can collect Tweets with Hashtags’ help, mentions, handles, or keywords with social media aggregators. These tools collect all the related feeds a single click and update your content whenever the new post appears with a similar keyword, hashtag, mention, etc. 

There are several social media aggregators available in the market. You can choose any, but remember to choose the one with more functionality with compatible pricing plans. 

Over To You

Today you have learned how to embed Twitter feeds on your website with different methods. You can do it manually as well as with the help of a third-party tool. 

Choose the method that fulfils your marketing needs and create an impactful website. So with that, start building your Twitter Widget and embedding it on your website in code-free functionality. 

Without thinking a lot, start creating your own Twitter widget for your website.

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