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How to Add Scent on Melted Wax?

Have you ever entered a room with a pleasing scent and a well-crafted smell? You could have asked yourself the source of this smell. There are higher chances that burning candles sourced the pleasant smell in the room. Most of these candles are made from melted wax with scent. However, not all candles smell nice. Some choking smells can affect asthmatic people. Various organizations have been adding different scents on melted wax before making their candles to counter such effects. This aspect has been critical in changing the fragrance produced by these candles. But how do these organizations achieve this? Scroll down the article and capture some of the tips you can utilize to add scent to the melted wax.

Assembling the Necessary materials

First, you need to identify whether you will use natural or artificial wax. However, research studies have outlined that natural wax such as soy wax has the best scent throws when compared with others. As you assemble your tools and scented oils to use, you need to consider some factors such as the strength of the fragrance, its intensity, and flashpoint. In addition, you need to understand that getting a perfect combination is one thing but incorporating the fragrance in the melted wax is another thing. However, you can consult an expert and avoid the frustrations of getting a poor scent after a long toil.

Understanding the Flash Point of Fragrance

A flashpoint refers to the temperature point when a liquid evaporates. You can check the flashpoint of the products or the oils you are using from the manufacturer’s description of the products. Most scented oils have three types of flashpoints; less than 55 degrees Celsius, more than 55 but less than 80 degrees Celsius, and those with a flashpoint of more than 80 degrees Celsius. Understanding the flashpoint of the oils is critical as you will understand the time to incorporate it into the wax at an optimum temperature and maximize its scent. It is worth noting that fragrance oils with subtler scents tend to have relatively low flashpoints.

Determining the Amount of Fragrance Oil to use

Once you have melted your wax, you will have to add some scented oils to add scent to your wax. However, you need to be careful when adding these oils, as too much oil may tamper with the final product. Most researchers have outlined that the fragrance oils should make up 8-10% of the entire mixture. In addition, a ratio of 6-8% works wells for fragrance oils with more scented oils. After determining the exact amount of each component, use accurate gadgets to measure your ingredients. This is the critical step in adding scent to the melted wax.

Combining the Fragrance Oil with Wax

After striking a balance over the ingredients you are using, you need to melt the wax and ensure that the temperatures are relatively above the oils’ flashpoints. You can also start by bringing the heat of your wax down the flashpoint and then add the oils as you stir the mixture gently. If you use oils with the highest flash point, ensure that the mixture is stirred thoroughly for two minutes. Finally, it would be best to allow the mixture to cool as it solidified. Alternatively, you can place a wick in a glass and pour the mixture into a glass to make a scented candle that can be used later.


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