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How to Avoid the Most Common Solar Panel Installation at All Costs

How to Avoid the Most Common Solar Panel Installation at All Costs

It’s no surprise that you’re interested in installing solar panels with how much attention they’ve gotten lately. The price is lower than ever, and panels are getting more efficient by the year. However, you can’t just throw a few panels on your roof and expect to start saving money.

Solar panel installation is an excellent investment, but there are ways to do things incorrectly. Avoid the common mistakes below when installing residential solar.

Ignoring Your Roof’s Structure

You can’t put solar panels on every roof out there. Solar panels require a roof that can support the weight and braces. Unfortunately, some roofs won’t make the cut depending on the types of solar panels you buy.

You’ll need to verify that your roof can support the solar panels you buy. In most cases, you can work with a solar installer like the Blue Raven solar installation company to see if you need to purchase a new roof when installing new solar panels.

Bad Sizing

Getting the right capacity is critical for your solar system. If you want to power your home entirely, buying a system that’s too small is easy. On the other hand, you may waste too much money if you don’t want to power everything.

Understand your power needs before you start searching for solar panels. Make sure your purchase will fully power your home and cover you in scenarios where you don’t get enough sun.

Skipping Quotes

Too many people make their solar panel choice too early. In their excitement to create a sustainable home, people hire the first solar panel company they speak with.

You never know what deals you’ll miss when going this route. Work to get as many quotes as possible when searching for a solar installer. You’ll probably find deals you wouldn’t get by not doing your research.

Using Cheap Equipment

The cost of solar panels causes some people to opt for cheaper equipment. While you may still get results from your solar installation, it may not offer as many benefits as the best solar panels from reputable manufacturers.

On top of that, you may experience more issues with cheaper solar panels that cost you more money. Invest in quality equipment to ensure you get the most from your panels and don’t face future problems.

Ignoring Warranties

You never know what issues you’ll face with a solar installation. Even though the process is now streamlined and has excellent equipment available, mistakes still happen, and equipment fails.

You don’t want to pay more money on top of what you already paid for your installation. Examine your warranty closely to ensure it covers any future issues. Doing this will keep you from spending more money in the future on problems that shouldn’t have happened.

Don’t Make Common Solar Panel Installation Mistakes

You’re spending a lot of money when you purchase solar panels. You don’t want to waste more money when you make mistakes with your solar panel installation. Remember the errors above to find the best solar panels and get your installation done right.

Do you have any other home improvement projects planned in the future? Head back to the blog to find more tips that will help you get the job done.

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