How to Become a General Contractor

How to Become a General Contractor

Are you ambitious, creative, and a problem solver? Do you want to become a general contractor? Like the idea of spending your day at a job site instead of in an office?

Becoming a self-employed contractor comes with great benefits. You have the freedom to work with various clients.

A general contractor can take on various projects, hire other workers, and set their own schedules. It may seem like a lot of responsibility and high overhead, but it’s worth it.

Keep reading to learn what you need to know before considering a construction career.

Educational Qualification

You must get a bachelor’s degree in construction science, engineering, or management. You can also complete an accredited construction program. This program will provide the necessary education and training in the construction field.

Many contractor schools and technical schools offer two-year construction technology programs. It can provide the necessary education and contractor training.

After completing the program, the contractor must take a business management course. It will give the contractor the essential business skills to run their contracting business.

Complete an Internship

An apprenticeship is a hands-on training program. It allows individuals to learn the trade under the supervision of a licensed contractor. Apprenticeships are four to five years long and involve on-the-job training and coursework.

The lessons include blueprint reading, construction safety, and other essential topics. Don’t forget to find an internship with a reputable company to jumpstart your career.

Pass the Licensing Exam

The licensing exam covers various topics, including building code, safety, and construction law. You will need to study for the exam and take practice exams to prepare.

To prepare for the test, you can take a course at a community college or online. Also, click for contractor license classes to help you prepare and practice for the exams.

Submit a License Application

You must submit a license application to the state licensing board in the state where you wish to work. The requirements for licensure vary by state. Most states need a certain amount of experience working in the construction industry.

Some states also require that applicants show proof of financial responsibility. This includes having liability insurance and bonds. Once you have met all the requirements for licensure, you will be able to work as a general contractor in that state.

Buy Insurance and Bonds

It will protect you and your business if something goes wrong. These will protect you and your business from an accident or injury. You must also prove responsible and safe by having a good track record.

Become a General Contractor Today

General contractors are responsible for managing construction projects from start to finish. He ensures that all work is on-time and within budget. You will need a strong understanding of construction techniques, laws, and regulations.

You will also need to be well-organized and have excellent communication skills. Become a general contractor and have a rewarding career. You can be your own boss and work on various construction projects.

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