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How To Boost Your E-Commerce Site With A Whiteboard Animation

E-Commerce product videos have begun to ride the crest of popularity in this new economic era, bringing a staggering amount of profit to E-Commerce marketers. 

Statista forecasts the global number of digital buyers from 2014 to 2021. Over 2.14 billion people worldwide bought goods and services online by 2021. The numbers are massive right? Don’t worry your business will enjoy that prerogative too with the help of none other than our whiteboard animation services. 

There is no doubt that the concept of E-commerce advertising has undergone a significant paradigm shift in the last few years. With mobile phones in everyone’s hands, marketers are constantly looking for new and engaging ways to reach out to their potential customer base and they have to put a lot at risk.

We’re all aware that marketing trends are important to keep an eye on. However, every now and then, a type of marketing content emerges that is so effective that it becomes a must-have for businesses – both online and offline.  Nowadays, whiteboard animation services in the USA are the most talked-about trend. Let’s explore how it can be benign for your business.

Isn’t it just an animated hand drawing a line drawing on a white canvas? Yes, and it’s ironic that this is what makes the style so appealing. This minimalistic approach to animated explainer videos simplifies any message for our brains to follow and remember, regardless of how complex the topic is.

However, in order to create whiteboard videos that have a positive impact on your company’s brand awareness, you must add some spice to them. Frequently in the form of high-quality animation, an engaging storyline, and effective branding techniques.

So, how do you create great whiteboard videos that communicate your message clearly while also boosting your branding? Let’s take a closer look!

The Fundamentals of Whiteboard Animation

A whiteboard video must have three basic characteristics in order to be instantly recognized as such. There are three things that set this video apart from any other type of animation!

The hand used for drawing: Showing a drawing hand is a staple of the whiteboard style, as it adds dynamism to the piece while also making viewers feel much closer to content that appears to be drawn right in front of their eyes.

The white background: The use of a white background is unavoidable! The whiteboard animation’s use of simple colors and contrast aids in information retention.

The final main ingredient is interconnected black drawings! Using separate illustrations breaks the video’s continuity, which is why we use interconnected drawings.

However, take care not to misinterpret these characteristics as being too simple or boring! In fact, you will be able to personalize your whiteboard video, which will make it unique. However, the basic ingredients are present for a reason and are required for this recipe to work!

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s look at how you can take that simplified recipe and turn it into awesome video content.

Use Your Brand’s Color Palette

So you’re already aware of the three main ingredients in this cake. Let’s move on to the icing! You can – and should! – include some colors on your whiteboard palette as long as you don’t go overboard.

When you want something to stand out, the best decision you can make is to include your brand’s color palette. Consider how effective a specific color can be when used against black and white!

Choose the most important parts of your message and highlight them with color. Just make sure not to overdo it. As previously stated, the effectiveness of whiteboard animation is due to its simplicity!

Include Your Business’s Logo!

It is critical to include your logo at a strategic time in order to make an impression on the minds of your target audience. It’s not acceptable to include it just for the sake of including it! Instead, make it stand out when presenting your product as a solution to your target audience’s pain points.

That is how you can draw your target audience’s attention to your company without being overly promotional. Powerful, but not jarring!

Make a Story That Will Touch Your Audience

Great scripts not only deliver a clear and interesting message but also address a specific target audience. You must adapt your tone and language to that of your audience – avoid being too technical, as this may cause people to click away from your video! 

As the leading whiteboard animation service in the USA, Scribe Bunny has an in-house team of creative scriptwriters that closely assess the customer’s needs and write an effective script for a flawless whiteboard animation of your business.

Create Buyer Personas-Inspired Characters

Following on from that, if you want your audience to identify with your message, you must create characters with whom they can identify. The characters help you create a more personalized experience with which the customers can easily resonate. Hence, the communication after establishing a strong personalized experience with the customer becomes terrifically easy. 

The characters in your video must represent your ideal customer, also known as buyer personas. Their story will mirror your clients, they will have similar pain points, and they will all benefit from the same solution: your product!

How do you go about creating these personas? Begin by examining your target audience’s demographic and psychographic information.

Remember that your video’s story should be about your customer, not about you. People are more engaged in a story when they can relate to the message in some way, so make sure you’re addressing your customers’ pain points and only introducing your product as a way to help them solve their problems.

The Bottom Line!

As you can see, even though whiteboard animated videos appear simple, they require a lot of thought, planning, and strategy! Good whiteboard videos are those that transform any message, no matter how simple or complex, into something engaging for the viewers.

The key is to create a video that is tailored to a specific target audience’s specific needs and interests! That is difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish with generic video templates.

Also, when 73% of online consumers say they are more likely to buy a product after watching a video, creating e-commerce product videos has become a must for every marketer. With videos that matter, you can increase conversion, improve your page rank, and increase your revenue.

Scribe Bunny – the best whiteboard animation service in the USA offers a variety of interesting and profitable video marketing strategies that can help you grow your business. With Scribe Bunny, your business message will be communicated to your audience in the meekest, most engaging, and effective manner. 

We have the best scriptwriters, animators, and supporting teams to make your video marketing campaign a success. So, when you’re ready, just connect with one of our experts, explain what you desire, and we’ll take it from there. We would love to work with you.

Fortunately, there are many whiteboard animation services in the USA but none of them can compete with Scribe Bunny. So choose Scribe Bunny to get the best whiteboard animation services in the USA. Connect to get to the next step.

That’s all there is to it! Are you ready to create a captivating whiteboard video to help your brand?


Qunoot Moin is a Digital Marketing Specialist and a freelance SEO services provider with experience of 3+ years. She has been helping brands increase their website traffic and rank on Google's first page, and help enhance their content marketing with well-researched and engaging articles. She is an expert in designing, implementing, and monitoring SEO and Email Marketing campaigns.

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