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How to buy turfs online?

Online shopping sure has made things available at a click away, but if you have little to no expertise in what you are looking for, it isn’t easy to get the best results. 

To Buy turfs online is one such thing. Since you are foregoing the essential part of the discussion with the service provider, it is only vital that you do some quality control from your side to reach the best decision. Buying turfs online from the best sources like Buffalo Turf follows five essential tips, out of which the most important one is to know what you need since this essentially reduces your online hunt to half! 

Tip #1 Know what you need!

There are various types of turfs available. It would be best to weed through which one fits your requirement the best. 

  1. Which one do you prefer? The natural or the natural-looking artificial lawns?
  2. What is the purpose of the turf? Is it for recreational or for professional sport? Does it lie in an area where a lot of stamping is seen? 
  3. What is the amount of maintenance work you can afford to put in?
  4. And finally, what is your preliminary budget for the turf rolls or slabs? (The preliminary budget should be a little less than your total budget since there is always a chance of overriding.)

Tip #2 Cross-check whether your analysis fits right!

If you have arrived at a suitable conclusion, it is always wise to cross-check it with a professional to see whether the turf is suitable for your area. 

The primary concern is whether the turf is suitable for the existing soil type. If not, then additional preparation should be met before laying the turfs. In addition, corrections like pH and ground leveling will be needed if the soil is not adequate. 

Thus, if possible, arrange one session with the service providers to finalize the decision. 

Tip #3 Order sample

When you order a sample, you can get assurance of the following:

  1.  Is the quality of the product worth the price?
  2.  Are they durable?
  3.  Can they withstand the general pressure with little wear and tear?
  4.  Do they match with your requirement both in terms of visuals and texture?

Tip #4 Measure

Measurement is one area where a lot of people mess up. Any measurement should be completed after the primary ground correction to achieve the closest value. Use string lines to measure the length and match it with the supplier’s units. Keep a buffer length to have a source if there is a need. Double-check the length before ordering, as some service providers don’t provide the option of a refund. 

Tip #5 Things to remember while laying the turfs

One important thing to watch out for while laying the turfs is to be cautious of the underlying cables, drainage systems, and pipelines that might need frequent attention. If the area is small without much complexity, the DIY project may be successful without any roadblocks. However, if you are navigating in a complex area, it is advisable to use the service of a professional for installation to get the best results. 


Buying turfs online is easier when you know what you want. Hence, narrow down the choices from dozens of options out there to see what will fit best. Then you can compare by ordering the samples to arrive at the desired turfs. Before ordering, do measure multiple times to not order too little or too much!

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