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How to Choose a Perfect Frame for Artwork

Artwork can look amazing with frames. Also, framed art prints look best in every interior be it scandinavian, rustic, industrial or modern. There are various styles and types of frames that look great in rooms.

However, choosing the best frame for artwork can be challenging. For the best results get a professional mobile framing service to come and inspect the artwork and your homes styling to help you choose the best frame. Here are some tips for selecting a perfect frame for your favorite art. Or, tips to choose the best artwork with frames.

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Frames Types

There are different frame types or sizes available online or in the market. When you pick a proper fit, then it amplifies the overall look of an art piece. Some frames types are:

  • Wooden Frames

Wood is known as a natural material, so wooden frames give a warm and classic look. You have various options starting from darker colors to lighter ones. Select the structure that matches your artwork. 

Photos with colors like red, orange, brown, or maroon look perfect in darker shades. However, these dark-colored frames made from walnut or mahogany timber look great with some warmer tones. 

How to Choose a Perfect Frame for Artwork


But, images with cool colors like blue, green, or lavender pair best in frame with lighter shades. These lightweight structures made from pine, ash, or oak suits create an excellent décor item.

The selection of wooden frames depends on the room décor. These timer structures have various designs starting from simple to intricate detailing. Therefore, make sure to get a structure matching the décor.

  • White or Black

Place your image in a black or white frame to accentuate the picture’s beauty. In addition, black-colored structures offer a formal or elegant feel, whereas white-colored pieces give an eclectic or casual sense.

The black frame highlights the bold features of the pictures and contrasts the lighter ones beautifully. Therefore, it would be good to pick a photo with lighter tones for black frames. Thus, you will have a balanced look.

However, white-colored frames let the darkness in images stand out. As a result, they fit perfectly to casual or candid photos.

  • Metal Frames

Metallic frames offer a modern and trendy look. They make pictures vibrant or attractive. Moreover, it provides a classy appearance to your images, especially wedding photos or stunning landscapes.

Tips for Selecting a Frame

Whether you plan to highlight features or match the room theme, try different approaches while selecting a photo frame. However, always believe in a gut feeling while picking a trending wall print to have the best impact.

  • Decide Color through Image

It would be best to select a color from the artwork. In this way, you can accentuate one of the colors beautifully and provide a feeling of art continuity.

Some art pieces have only one color. So if you pick a structure of the same shade, it will ooze a stable feeling


Some art pieces have only one color. So if you pick a structure of the same shade, it will ooze a stable feeling. However, selecting the frame that matches a bit of image shade will surely draw everyone’s eye towards that color.

This frame selection method can genuinely highlight images.

  • Create Dramatic Effect

Pick a frame color totally different from that in your photo. It will create a dramatic effect and make an art piece look eye-catching. You can try this method on any wall art.

The frame with the opposite color will add a personality and character to the space and make a bold statement.

  • Try Neutral

Sometimes, you do not like highlighting any particular shade or are not interested in making a statement. In those cases, try neutral frames. It can complement every art piece.

Neutral or white-colored structures are always classic or timeless. In addition, they can allow you to make any particular color pop in wall art.

  • Size Matters

Try to get the dimensions of an art piece. It will help you to select an appropriate frame for wall art. Nowadays, oversized mat frames are in trend as they can make smaller artworks look impactful.

However, thin profile frames do not fit large art pieces as they will not look visually appealing. So, take the proper size and then select a frame wisely.

Color, material, and style

Since frames are available in thousands of styles today, the choices are virtually endless. However, one should keep in mind that the artwork and its frame are always seen together and should therefore be appreciated. If performed incorrectly, a frame may become overwhelmed inside the work of art or it may give the appropriate availability of presence.

While it is important to choose a frame that is less attractive than your artwork, you should also avoid engaging in frames or decorations that are similar in color to the artwork. Consider how a frame can most effectively represent the work – for example, having a light painting medium contrast with a dark frame often helps to set your artwork apart from everything else in the house.

All of these pictures apply. At first glance, the dominant colors of your photograph will immediately stand in front of you. There should be black and white pictures with black or white frames. Similar to print, their dominant colors in color photos should match their frame, so that the image stands out.

For drawing and illustration

Think about the medium through which your drawing and illustration were done. Most of the time, these are made with more organic or biodegradable media such as pastel, graphite, or charcoal. The works of art that fall under this category may be more subtle.

Because of this nature, these works of art look best when framed with quantity, or ‘mats’. Matras play their role in preserving more sweet and fragile artifacts over time. In this case, keep in mind that the glass will never touch your artwork directly and will help separate the two mats. For example, if a piece of graphite finds itself rubbing against the glass, it can condense and damage the paper; May form mold and fungus. 

For oil painting

Oil paintings have been around for centuries, long before people were able to make large sizes and quantities of glass that could cover the canvas. To understand how to paint an oil painting, we need to consider the features of our own oil painting. Oil, in contrast to watercolor acrylic, evaporates from water and dries, not by oxidation. Although an oily painting may feel dry to the touch and maybe safe to handle after a few weeks, it will not be completely dry for decades. The thicker the oil paint layer on the canvas, the more likely it is to crack, as the paint is still considered volatile.

The choices for oil painting are endless. Oil paintings allow more flexibility when choosing balcony wood frames, but the painting should adhere to its ‘weight’, and where it will be placed. The argument is that glass should not be used in making oil paintings as it can trap moisture on the back. In the worst-case scenario, the oil paintings on the back of the glass can rot if the canvas can ‘breathe’ because the image is not dry enough.

Learn about the history of art

See how handicrafts have been created in the past and consider how it has been presented by galleries, curators or artists. How was the work presented when you decided to buy it? From Old Masters pieces to contemporary pieces, research is paramount in determining the most admirable frame for your work.

 However, in such unique cases, these works of art may be damaged from sitting badly in their original frame for a long time and should be evaluated accordingly by a professional.


Choosing a frame is not about choosing the right color and material. In addition to aesthetics, the frames protect the artwork from damage and deterioration in the long run.

Acid-free mats, backing, and ultraviolet light filtering are some of the things to do to ensure that the work is glazed with plexiglass or glass so that no stains are created in the work of art.

Final Thoughts

Browse the market properly and enjoy the frame selection process. Keep the above-described points in mind while selecting an impactful frame. While choosing frames, pick the one you like, and that matches your style or personality.

Always remember, you will be the one living in that space. So, everything should be pleasing to your eyes the most.

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