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How to Choose a Suit Accessory: A Men’s Fashion Guide

How to Choose a Suit Accessory: A Men's Fashion Guide

Did you know that in the early 1800s, Beau Brummell, rejected the frock coats and wigs men were wearing? He changed that style for full-length trousers and simple jackets, which are the suits we still wear to this day.

Are you wondering how to accessorize your suit? From ties with funky prints to pocket squares in bold colors, the choices are endless.

We have put together this guide to share the top suit accessories to complement your taste. Read on to see which suit accessory is your favorite.

1. Tie

This is the most common suit accessory and one of the main go-to accessories. With endless color and design options, it is easy to find one that reflects your taste and unique style. A tie will help add that extra dressy look, without a tie a suit will look more casual than formal. You can also consider cummerbund and bow tie as that looks classy.

A bow tie option is another formal accessory. Usually, bow ties are paired with a tuxedo shirt, and most people wear plain black ones to a black-tie event.

2. Watches

Although a watch does not go on your suit, it will help accessorize whatever suit you choose to wear. Although the point of a watch is to tell what time it is, many people use their phones to check the time and choose a watch that is visually pleasing.

We recommend checking out all the options H2Hub Citizen has when it comes to choosing a watch. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the dressier your suit is, the simpler your watch should be.

3. Pocket Square

Wearing a pocket square in your suit jacket can really show off your style. You can choose to match your pocket square pattern with your tie, but it’s not a must. Some men prefer to choose a plain tie with a patterned pocket square or vice versa.

You can choose a pocket square color that highlights the colors of your suit jacket, your dress shirt, or your tie. You can fold your pocket square however you please.

If you are attending a more formal event, a simple presidential fold is the most common. With the presidential look, you first fold the pocket square once vertically and then once horizontally and place it in your suit pocket with the edge sticking out.

4. Cufflinks

The point of cufflinks is to keep the cuffs on dress shirts attached. You can choose to wear them for either formal or casual events. If your shirt already has buttons instead of buttonholes by themselves, you can have the shirt tailored to fit your favorite cufflinks.

Cufflinks come in endless options, materials, and colors. If you are wearing a tie clip, you can choose to match your cufflinks with the clip, but it’s not necessary.

Ready to Shop for a Suit Accessory?

Now that you learned how to style a suit to make it unique to your style, it’s time to shop for your favorite suit accessory.

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