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How to Choose a Whole House Well Water Filter

When you are looking for a healthy lifestyle, drinking water should be one of the most important factors to be concerned about. The whole house water filter in Sydney is a new concept but has gained much popularity. It is that type of filter which is connected to the main water supply. When the water enters your house, it becomes treated already. Let us discuss how you can choose the whole house water filter.

Decide Type:

Based on your requirement, you should decide on the type of water filter. To determine the contaminants in your area, you should talk with professionals. If the municipality runs the main line of the water, you are required to remove the sediments, chemicals, minerals, and chlorine.

Size Of The Filter:

It is advisable to select a large-size water filter to treat increased amounts of water. The size of the port should also be checked as it controls the water pressure also. The ideal filter size should be 4.5″ * 20″ in average-sized homes. But in mansions or large houses, the size requirements will change. So depending on the size of your house, the size of the water filter needs to be decided.

NSF certified:

You should ensure that the water filter is NSF certified. You can check the seal, which has been tested and checked by the authorities.

Flow rate Of Dispensers And Faucets:

The Tank Doctor suggests you check the flow rates of faucets and dispensers before buying the filter. When the flow rate of the hose is lower than the water filters, the chances of leakages and hose bursting increase. But if the flow rate of the hose is higher, due to the air filling, choking can occur, and water flow can become very low.

Filtration Purposes:

As the water filters can come in various sizes, you are required to identify the purpose of filtration for selecting the right water filter for your house. If you possess a storage tank in your house, selecting the right side of the water filter is not an issue. But if you depend only on the direct water supply, the size of the water filter should depend on the daily water usage.

Check The Contaminants:

If you can find out the contaminants against which you are required to fight, the war becomes a little easier. You can go through the local government’s website or newspaper to find out the quality of water in your locality through the CCR( Consumer Confidence Report) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) resorts. The visible particles within your water can be sediments or rust. There can also be cases where there are no contaminants and no need for a water filter. If you want to know about the RO filtration systems, you can find them here.


The whole house water filter in Sydney is very popular and can protect you against water contamination. Before selecting the water filter, you should check the size of your water storage and the water flow. You should check which contaminants are present in your locality and, depending on what type of water filter is required.

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