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How to Choose Between Different Types of Fireplaces

How to Choose Between Different Types of Fireplaces

You’re trying to figure out what kind of fireplace to install in your home, but you aren’t sure how to choose. Do you want a gas or a wood burning? Is a corner fireplace right for you?

There are a lot of options, and you want to make the right choice for your home and family. Fortunately, there are a few main types you can shop for. Once you know them, figuring out which one is best for your needs is simple.

Let’s explore everything you need to know about choosing between different types of fireplaces.

Which Type Is the Perfect Choice for Your Home

Each type of fireplace has its advantages and disadvantages to take into account to choose the one that is best suited for your needs.

Wood Burning

The most common type of fireplace is wood burning. These fireplaces are typically less expensive than other types, but they do require more work to maintain. You will have to constantly stock wood for the fire, and clean out the ashes regularly.

Wood burning is the traditional choice, but it requires more upkeep than other types. If you prefer this one, make sure you have a good supply of dry, seasoned wood.


If you are looking for a more low-maintenance option, you may want to consider a gas fireplace. These fireplaces require no work to maintain, as you simply need to turn on the gas and light the fire. However, they can be more expensive to install than wood burning.

They are a popular choice because they’re clean and efficient. They come in a variety of styles, so you can find one that fits your décor.


Electric fireplaces are another popular option, as they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install and operate. They also don’t produce any harmful emissions, making them more environmentally friendly.

However, they are not as realistic as other types and can be less efficient at heating your home. If the fireplace is primarily for decoration, then the electric type may be the best choice.

Choosing Among the Different Types of Fireplaces

When narrowing down your choices, there are a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind.

Plan of Usage

If you are unsure of what usage you will get out of a fireplace, then it is recommended to go with a gas insert. They are the most versatile since you can use them with either natural gas or propane. Make sure that the fuel is properly installed and that the area around the fireplace is clear of any flammable objects.

If you plan on using the fireplace more often, then a wood burning may be a better choice. They provide a more natural atmosphere and can be used to cook food.

Purpose of Installation

The purpose of adding a fireplace will also play a role in what type to choose. If it is going to be the main source of heat for your home, then choose a model that has a good heat output. If you want it for more ambiance, then you can go with one that does not put out as much heat.

Your Budget

You should factor in the cost of installing and running the fireplace. Gas fireplaces tend to be more expensive to install than wood burning, but they are cheaper to operate in the long run.

Another important consideration is the amount of maintenance required. Gas requires very little maintenance, while wood burning needs to be cleaned and the wood must be replaced regularly.

The Climate in Your Area

If you live in an area with a climate that is prone to wildfires, you should consider choosing a fireplace that is designed to contain the flames and prevent them from escaping. One option is the metal with a glass front.

Another option is one that is built into the side of a hill or mountain. These types of fireplaces are more likely to contain the flames and prevent them from spreading.

Preferred Style

The popular styles include traditional, contemporary, and electric. Decide on one that compliments the style of your home.

Traditional is typically made of brick or stone and uses wood as the fuel source. Contemporary is usually made of metal or glass and uses either natural gas or propane as the fuel source. Electric is the most versatile, as it can be placed anywhere in the home and does not require a flue or chimney.

Size of the Fireplace

Fireplaces come in a variety of sizes, so select one that fits the space you have available. One that is too small will not be able to heat a room effectively, while one that is too large will be wasteful and expensive to operate. The size of the fireplace opening should be proportional to the size of the room in order to achieve optimal heating efficiency.

If you’re still unsure which option will fit, Dreifuss Fireplaces can guide you with your selection.

The Right Type of Fireplace Will Add Value to Your Home

There are many different types of fireplaces to choose from. The type you select will depend on many factors, such as the style, your budget, and where you plan to put the fireplace.

After evaluating the cost, maintenance, and heat output, you should be able to decide which type of fireplace is right for your home.

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