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How to Choose the Best Church for You: A Guide

How to Choose the Best Church for You: A Guide

Gallup reports that 70% of Americans have some kind of religious affiliation. Less than half are members at a house of worship.

There are many reasons why this is the case. There are generational reasons. For some, they just haven’t found the right church yet.

Does that sound familiar to you? Looking for the best church for you doesn’t have to be a mystery.

Read this guide to learn how to find the right place to attend church.

1. Know What You Want

Finding the best church starts by knowing what you’re looking for. Start with a specific religious affiliation.

Do you have skills or interests to apply in service to the church community? If you have kids, family services and youth education might be a priority.

You might prefer a large church congregation, or you might lean towards a smaller community.

Most of all, church service times have to fit with your schedule.

2. Read the Mission Statement

Look online for churches in your area. Read the mission statement for each one. This will give you an idea as to what the church is about.

Find out what the different ministries are within the church. Fellowship outside of regular services makes you feel like part of the community.

3. Visit Several Churches

Everyone has their own set of preferences for religious services. Some people prefer to have a short, traditional church service early in the morning.

Do you like energetic church services with a lot of music? Some church websites have a playlist and videos of their services, like this site

Find the best church by visiting several churches in your area. See if the community is welcoming at all or if they look at you like a total stranger.

The sermons should move you and be relatable.

Some churches ask newcomers to leave their contact information. The pastor may reach out to you to follow up after the service.

Be aware that there are some churches that want your address only to send contribution envelopes to you. That tells you all you need to know about the community.

4. Activities Outside of Church Services

You can tell how active a congregation is by the number of activities outside of Sunday services. Many churches are actively involved in the local community.

See what’s available and think about how you can get involved in church activities.

5. Decide on Your Community

You should be able to pick the best church after following these steps. Make your decision and start showing up to services.

Get to know people in the church community. Be proactive and ask to get involved. After a while, the church will feel like a second home.

How to Find the Best Church

Finding the best church is a personal choice. You have to know what you want and need from a church service and the greater community.

Visit congregations in your area and choose the one that matches your needs.

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