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How to Choose the Best Lash Extension Glue

The eyelash extension should be customized according to your needs and environment. Selecting the best lash extension glue can be one of the most important factors to consider before the eyelash extension.

Check The Environment:

You should check the temperature and humidity where the eyelash extension process will occur. The performance of the glue depends on environmental factors like humidity. The main ingredient of the glue is Cyanoacrylate, which has a drying factor to keep the eyelashes in the proper place. The recommended humidity of the lash room should be 45% to 60%. Moisture plays a very important role in the process of eyelash extension.

  • It affects the speed of drying of glue after the eyelash extension process.
  • The eyelashes’ strength and retention depend on the glue’s application and drying.

Speed Of Application Of Eyelash Extensions:

When applying for eyelash extensions as an apprenticeship, your speed will not equal the experienced personnel. If you are not quick enough, you can invest in flexible equipment to correct the eyelashes’ position.

  • The time is taken to dip the eyelash extension within the glue 
  • Attachment to the natural eyelashes
  • Power or correct the tabs, if required.

If drying is very fast, it may not give you enough time to place the eyelashes in the correct positions. When the speed is very slow, then the eyelashes may stick together. So you should watch out for both factors. The Adelaide lash supplies are flexible enough to meet your requirements.

Glue Odors:

Make sure to provide a nice experience for your clients. If clients are sensitive to glue odours, you should be careful with them. There are different types of glue found in the market. So you should choose the odourless ones for the clients who cannot tolerate the odour. Special solutions are also available in the market to drive away the odour. You must invest in quality products duly designed, tested, checked, and approved. You should only go for the products approved by health professionals and beauty technicians. You can go through the proper eye care after eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extension Colors:

Generally, eyelash extensions have two colours only, transparent and black. It sometimes comes in white colour also.

  • Black- Black-colored glue is used when the black eyelash extensions are used. This colour is very common and appears voluminous. They can look very natural and can achieve a very rich tone.
  • Transparent- This colour can be a universal option. When working with different coloured lashes, clear and transparent glue can be very useful as it can be matched with any colour.


The best lash extension glue can only be obtained from the market if it is approved by health and beauty technicians. You should always take care of the environment where the lash extension process will occur. You should check the colour and odour of the glue before finalizing your selection.

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