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How To Choose the Best Moving Company for Your Move

How To Choose the Best Moving Company for Your Move

Did you know that 2021 marked a historical low in how many people were relocating? Now that 2022 is halfway over, are you getting ready to move?

You have so many things to consider, even if you’re just moving down the road or across town. Between packing, making sure you’ve updated your mailing information, and hiring movers, you have a lot on your plate.

We’re here to help. Read on for a few tips for choosing the best moving company for your upcoming move.

First: How Far Are You Going?

Keep in mind that the best company to help you move across the city won’t be the same company that you should hire to help you move across the country. Long-distance moves have different needs, and not all moving companies are interested in those jobs.

If you’re looking specifically for a professional moving company for a long-distance move, make sure that you include that in your online search queries.

Click here for a few long-distance moving tips if your destination is far away!

Ask Around

Sometimes your best resource for finding a moving company is going to be the people around you. There’s nothing more valuable than a real-life experience. Rely on word-of-mouth before you start reading online reviews or reaching out to companies for referrals.

Consider anyone who could possibly help. Coworkers, people in any clubs that you’re a part of, and even neighbors can be helpful.

Read Reviews

Once you’ve dried up your word-of-mouth resources, take your efforts to the web to find online reviews. You want to pick a company that has a high star rating and plenty of happy customers.

Read individual reviews (both good and bad ones) to understand how the company operates. Look for red flags, such as reviews about poor customer service and broken objects. You should also see how the company responds to negative reviews (if applicable) because that will show you whether or not they’re devoted to making things right.

Avoid Brokers

When you search for a professional moving company in your area, many of the results won’t actually be local. They’ll be brokers who are there to connect you with a variety of local and national moving companies.

There are some benefits of working with brokers as they’ll show you more options, but the results aren’t always reliable. You’ll also find yourself being inundated with spam phone calls for months from all of the companies that the broker gave your information to.

Call or email a local company instead and have a one-on-one conversation.

Get Quotes

Speaking of reaching out to moving companies, it’s okay to get quotes from several companies before you make a commitment. Remember: getting a quote doesn’t mean that you have to use that company. Moving companies expect potential clients to shop around.

Make sure that the company fits into your budget before signing any papers.

If you’re doing a long-distance move, you may want to request a binding estimate. This is a quote that won’t change. Some companies may charge you for this, however.

It’s Time to Find the Right Moving Company

Finding the right moving company is overwhelming, especially when there are so many other things that you have to consider before your move! Keep this list in mind when you’re trying to narrow down your options. Good luck choosing a moving company!

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