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How to Cleanse Your Home of Negative Energy

Typically speaking, your home is your own personal haven; however, negative energy can sometimes enter your home from the outside. If your home feels as though it’s steeped in negative energy, this can really impact your entire attitude and outlook. Therefore, if you find that you’re often gloomy or tired in the comfort of your own home, it might be time that you cleanse your home of negative energy. Without cleansing your home of this, the energy may get stuck, and this isn’t what you want for your safe space. If you’re starting to feel uncomfortable in your home, you may consider cleansing your home; this doesn’t necessarily involve bizarre rituals and there are many simple steps that can be taken.

Donate to Charity

A great way to reject any negative energy in your home is to radiate positivity. Positivity comes in many forms, with generosity being one of the biggest positive characteristics that one can display. In Islam, Muslims must pay zakat as a compulsory charitable donation; however, this focus on charity can make an impact on your home in a non-religious capacity. Displaying generosity is a great way to boost your positive outlook, which will affect how you project energy from within. If you feel positive within yourself, you’ll be more inclined to share this positivity with everyone around you in your home.

Clear All Entrances

Energy passes through your home in the exact same way as you do, which is why the entryways of your home are huge affecting factors of your home’s energy. Dirty, dingy, or cluttered entrances will result in a negative energy entering your home, which is why you should ensure that all entryways are clean. Make sure you wipe down doorknobs and doorframes; not only is this hygienic, but it’ll also cleanse your home of any negative energy that has passed through. The state of an entrance will also affect your mindset upon entering the home and a clean entryway results in a clear and positive mindset.

Home of Negative Energy

Repair Anything Broken

We’re all guilty of putting off minor repairs within our home, but these small breakages can play a huge role in how your home channels energy. Although minor cracks in the walls may not seem like a big deal, they can greatly affect your mood. Your disdain towards anything broken will be reflected within your home’s energy so you should take the time to repair anything broken within your home. These repairs can also lead to a little positivity boost and a sense of accomplishment, which is another affecting factor of your home’s energy.

Ring Bells

Bellringing has long been practiced across the globe to cleanse spaces of negative energy. This is because it’s believed that the sound of a bell pushes out negative energy as it fills the room. On top of this, the sound of a bell is thought to be a pleasant sounding one, which also contributes to its effectiveness. Upon ringing a bell in your home, you may start to feel all the negative energy being rejected unlike ever before.

Add Some Salt

Everyone has salt in their cupboard, but it’s not widely known that salt can be used beyond a cooking capacity. In fact, salt crystals are thought to be effective in absorbing negative energy as a natural cleanser. As a result, it’s suggested that you sprinkle a small amount of salt in the corners of your rooms to soak up negative vibes on the days that your home feels overwhelmed by negativity. Once this energy has been absorbed, you can vacuum or sweep the salt away, and all the negative energy will go with it.

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