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How to compose a comprehensive business plan for your venture

If you have an idea for a project and you want to turn that idea into reality, you need a business plan! To know where you want to go, how you will reach this place when you reach it, and the cost consumed to implement the idea and turn it into reality?!

What is the action plan?

The business plan is a set of elements that describe the general structure of the organization and the general vision of the project at its launch.

What will it be, and what will it consist of?

The action plan is what transforms the idea from a mere idea into operational steps that will be taken to turn the idea into reality. It determines whether the idea is valid for implementation, whether the success rate is high, medium, or weak, and how it will be developed after creation to reach leadership.

In a series of articles, we will talk about the work plan, its importance, and the steps to implement it professionally. We will start with this article, and we will talk about a set of elements, namely:

What does a business plan consist of?

The business model and its components

Important things in the business model

The action plan, to be complete, must consist of a set of plans for

The products, services, and values ​​that the organization will provide

Plan for the general structure of the company and the financial and administrative structure

Marketing plan and identifying the target segment, customers segment, and competitors

Executive steps to turn ideas into reality

Then the short-term operational and development plans emanate from the master plan.

The business model defines the general structure of the project in all its details at the start of the project and its launch. The strategic plan is after the start of the project, and it is the general long-term development plan for the institution for the strategic vision and general future goals.

And the marketing plan, as we will explain, will be part of it before the start of the project, part after its beginning, and part continuing throughout the project’s life.

First business model

The business model is a process that facilitates you to carry out the tasks assigned to it with better efficiency, less time, and more organization, and it allows you to know everything you want before starting the project. It consists of:

1- Executive summary:

The executive summary is one page that summarizes everything written in the business model but very briefly.

The business model consists of

What is the purpose of establishing the project?

The purpose differs according to the project. Some projects have the goal of profit, and some other projects, such as charities, have the goal of community service. Some projects combine profit and community service goals, such as transportation. For most projects, the goal may be to prove oneself and acquire new skills.

You must accurately define what is your goal and your first goal in creating this project? Why did you choose this particular project?

What does your project offer?

You must determine the products and services that your project will provide and what value will be brought back to the consumer and society from these services.

 Your general vision!

And here, we mean the general vision, not the strategic vision on which the strategic plan is built, but the general vision of your project when starting.

You should sit in a quiet place that brings peace to mind and nerves, then look and see this idea turned into reality and imagine all its details.

How will the place’s preparation, general shape, equipment, and decorations be?

And how many work teams and the role of each of them?

How will you present your product and make the customer feel completely satisfied?

The site of the project and the internal and external equipment?

Imagine that the idea turned into a reality in front of you, and today is the day of launching and starting. Imagine everything related to your project, and it will exist today, but you must imagine realistically according to your capabilities and capabilities, then formulate this vision in your business model.

Your logo and message

Each institution has its logo and message. For example, the message of the Egyptian mobile company Mobinil or Orange was currently (the mobile is in everyone’s hands) and the message of oriental weavers (our goal is to put a carpet in every home)

From the first day, you must have a logo that explains your goal and the product you offer, and it must be easy to memorize, convey the strength of the company’s goal, and embody the vision you want to reach.

Main activities

It specifies all the activities and means that the institution will carry out to provide for the customer’s needs and determine the products and services that the institution will provide and whether the institution will have a department to produce those products, services, and raw materials for the products, and how it will obtain them.

And the departments of the institution. A group of main departments must be present within the institution, including (the financial department – the sales department – the marketing department – the administrative department – the planning and development department – the legal department – the public relations department). The departments differ from one institution to another. You must specify each department within the institution your

The general structure of the project

List everything related to the general structure of the project

Write a complete introduction about your organization that includes me

The name of the company and its legal status Abbreviation of the vision that was defined before

Why are you offering this product, and to whom will you offer it? The company’s website and the features of this site

Will the institution be a single branch or multiple branches?

How will the internal departments in the organization be, and the places and tools allocated to them?

The company director, what are the skills that qualify him to run an organization like this!

Work system within the institution Number of working hours

The system of distributing salaries, bonuses, and incentives for employees

Determining the facilities that the project needs. The institution consists of how many facilities, and the decorations and equipment for each facility

Determining the machines that the project needs. Production, packaging, shipping, and transportation machines differ, of course, from one institution to another

The technical department within the institution What technological means do you need from electronic programs, tablets and enough to facilitate the work system and to carry out tasks.

For more info please visit:


You must define the work team and the human element you need within the organization accurately.

After that, the number of people that each department needs to carry out these tasks is determined. Each department has its work team.

In the sense of the general manager, then assistant managers, then department supervisors, then employees.

For example, how will you face if a problem occurs to one of the employees or managers? How will you present that problem, and who is responsible for providing the solution?!

Your financial plan: revenue, expenses, cost, and funders

All of the above is converted into numbers and amounts, determined precisely. The financial structure of the institution consists of:

The structure of fixed assets: the machinery and buildings of the institution differ from one institution to another, such as cars – machines – facilities – and the land of the institution

Revenue structure: the profits that the company will achieve through sales

Expenses and costs structure: It consists of fixed expenses such as salaries and variable expenses such as petty cash (additives like this) and periodic maintenance expenses

And the costs of the raw materials used in manufacturing in the manufacturing establishments

Funding sources: identify the financiers that you may need to finance the idea, such as banks, businessmen, investment companies

Project schedule and assignment of tasks

Here all of the above is converted into goals, and each goal has its schedule


Finding a website for the institution that fits the vision within 30 days

Determining the plan for selecting the work team and its skill within 20 days

Identifying the partners and fetching the necessary information about them within 40 days

Important things while writing a business model

1- It should be brief (the shorter the business model, the better it is to be used)

2- Information filtering (get rid of unimportant or duplicate information)

3- Be realistic and honest and anticipate the challenges and risks that will meet you and write them down to set up a preventive program

4- Be creative and always innovate and look for everything new to stand out

5- In the business model, one of its most important goals is to convince financiers to fund the idea to turn it into a reality

6- The business plan consultant varies from field to field, and a small company differs from a large plan

7- You must ensure that the information used in writing the business form is correct.

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