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How to Create a Career Development Plan for Your Employees (and Why It Matters)

What motivates a worker to leave their current role? According to recent statistics, 34% reveal that they left their job for career development opportunities.

Turnover is expensive, and replacing employees often disrupts workflow. If you want to keep your amazing employees, then you must develop a robust career development plan.

Engaging your workers with your company culture means caring about their career development goals and offering the best career development tools to achieve them.

You will find happier employees with career development planning, and here is how you can get started.

What Is Career Development?

Let’s begin with a clear definition and then how to create a career development plan. In short, it is a process. It is how workers manage everything from life to work to learning over their entire life.

Career development aligns an individual’s personal needs with that of the person’s career advancement opportunities. It can apply to all ages, even young children and the elderly.

Create a Career Development Plan

It is important, as an employer, that you recognize each employee’s unique characteristics. You cannot generalize career development. It must be based upon an individual’s skills, goals, and development process.

Here are the steps you can take to achieve a personalized plan.

1. Consider Their Current Role

This will require feedback from you and the employee. As the employer, you know where the employee is in his or her career. You will want to ask your employee what they enjoy about their job.

2. Goals for the Future

Next, you want to gauge what a dream career looks like in the eyes of your employee. Discover what they want to add to their job, and what they want to delegate to others.

3. Offer Resources to Help

Employees are attracted to employers who care about their development, and this means you need to have the support that can help employees achieve their goals. You should have both people and learning opportunities included as the best career development tools.

Teachers, mentors, videos, books, hands-on experience, etc., are all good for developing employees. You can offer employees training courses, like these IT service management courses, to help workers achieve their career development plan.

4. Write the Plan of Action

Now, put it all on paper. Talking is a big part of career development planning, but you must document it, tangibly.

Put what your employee will need, and the associated resources in order, like a step-by-step guide. Create a timeline. This will help you both stay on target.

5. Work Toward the Employee’s Goals, Together

“There is no better time than the present,” as they say. Time to get going!

You can always try new ways of doing things. Make revisions if you need to. Stay in touch so that your employee feels they have the support and guidance you promised.

Keep your promises. Stay on target. Keep your valuable workers.

Reach for the Stars

Now that you know more about how to create a career development plan for your employees, you will find employee satisfaction will skyrocket. Tenures will become longer. Employees will work harder.

It is a win-win for everyone.

For more ways to help your employees and the people around you reach for the stars, stick around for a while. We have many more amazing tips like this. To keep growing and thriving, you just have to keep clicking to do it!

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