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How to Cut Energy Costs With High Bay Led Lights

Cost of High Bay Led Lights

High Bay LED lights provide a cost-efficient means of lighting for outdoor or indoor spaces such as patios, decks, lawns, landscaping, poolside areas, trees, gardens, businesses and much more. They can be used for security lighting, advertising, and for promotion of your business. There is a huge selection of styles, designs, and colors to choose from. Choosing the right high bay led lights for your project means getting just the right fixture for the job. Whether it is a deck or a busy parking lot, your digital marketing agency in the USA can help you find the perfect accent lighting for you.

Variety of High Bay Led Lights

High bay led lights come in a variety of finishes, including white and black, and provide high levels of brightness and versatility. They can be used on decks, walkways, on storefronts, fences, or even inside commercial and industrial facilities. More efficient than standard lighting, high bay led lights consume up to 60% less energy than incandescent bulbs and produce bright, clear images that are far more visible than traditional outdoor lighting. The average home uses just one watt of power, making them great for low energy and budget lighting needs.

Because they use so little energy, high bay led lights also have longer lasting bulbs that require less frequent replacements. The High bay LED lights in these fixtures come in several different varieties and types including flush mount, standing arm, or scissor-toothed lens. Each has its own set of advantages depending upon the application and style of use. Flush mount fixtures are perfect for industrial facilities and garages where there may be limited access to electrical panels. Mounting racks can also use them to provide continuous light over long or uneven surfaces. Stand-arm fixtures are best suited for indoor applications because they offer uniform illumination and do not offer the flexibility of being able to tilt or swivel.

While high bay lights use a small amount of electricity, the total cost of ownership is still significant. Incandescent and fluorescent lamps may offer lower initial costs, but the constant replacement cost of light output and the fact that they must always be replaced lead to an overall higher cost over their life cycle. Over the lifetime of the light output, incandescent and fluorescent fixtures spend about eighty percent of their lifespan in replacement. With a single incandescent bulb, that number increases to nearly two hundred percent.

In addition to saving money on electricity and the need for replacements, high bay fixtures provide security for the home as well. Illuminated signs in the garage or on the driveway indicate the presence of visitors, alerting the homeowner to potential danger. Automatically, the lights turn on as the door or window is opened. This security feature can also be used when there is a person or pet in the home who should not be around lights. Panic buttons embedded within the light output can be pressed if necessary, and the lights will turn themselves off.

Since high bay led lights utilize a concentrated beam of light, they are ideal for providing overall security for the home and garage. This combined with other security measures including deadbolts on doors and windows and high fences surrounding the property limit entry of potential intruders. The added benefit of increased illumination can be particularly beneficial for garages. Darkness inside of a garage can provide a hiding place for someone waiting to rob a vehicle or home. With adequate lighting, the owner of a garage can be easily seen and apprehend a criminal, protecting both his or her car and belongings.

Another benefit for warehouses and manufacturing plants is the use of high bay lighting. With the vast array of different products that are made in these facilities, it is important for workers to be safe and secure. This is especially true for those working in areas where the threat of theft is prevalent. With adequate lighting, workers can more easily spot coworkers and other members of the workforce who may be suspicious or have the potential to steal. This enables the link building expert manager to address workplace theft issues, providing an even higher level of protection for the staff in question. With lighting that illuminates the entire work area, preventing the concealment of stolen objects, the overall level of security in a warehouse or manufacturing plant is also enhanced.

One of the most important benefits of using LED lights in the design of a home and garage is the money saved on energy costs over the life of the lighting system. Due to the fact that high bay LED lights use much less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, they will save the owner of the home or garage thousands of dollars over the long run. This money saved can then be put aside for a rainy day or other emergency funds. Of course, the savings don’t stop there. Over the course of several years, the amount of money that the average household or garage owner saves on energy costs by using a high bay led lights system will end up being quite substantial.

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