How To Decide The Perfect Car Tyre Size


Tyre maintenance and replacement are one of the key elements to improve the performance of the vehicle. The stock tyres that come originally with the car are optimised according to the car’s weight and engine power. However, when going for a replacement, you can choose to modify the tyres’ structure to adjust the performance according to your needs.

Different sizes of tyres have their characteristics and properties that may be advantageous or disadvantageous according to the use. Here is a guide to help you pick the perfect car tyres of ideal size.

Stock tyres are optimum

As mentioned earlier, stock tyres are the original brand that is initially fitted in the car. When going for the replacement, manufacturers advise going for the same model as these stock tyres. The rim size and surface area of these tyres are optimum for driving, and they help maintain the fuel economy and braking mechanism of the car. Sometimes, a tyre size guide also comes with the owner’s manual, which has all the information about the stock tyres.

If properly maintained, these tyres can last longer and ensure passengers’ safety when speeding on highways. If you are new to the tyre maintenance and do not want to research a lot on your tyre-vehicle compatibility, it is an easier choice.

On the sidewall of these tyres, you will find a specific alphanumeric code. It is very easy to decode this, it is written in the form of 170/65R15 where 170 is the width of the tyre, 65 is the per cent of height off the width, R denotes that tyre is a radian type and 15 is the diameter. Once you get these values, you can easily pick out the perfect replacement.

Smaller tyres are efficient

If you decide to give up on the stock tyres and go for the different size tyres, it is recommended that you do not pick out the tyres are too heavy. Small or medium-sized tyres are good for overall fuel efficiency and engine performance and ensure smooth acceleration. Smaller contact patches make these tyres more suitable for your car. A contact patch is the small part of the tyre that is in contact with the road at any given time.

A little surface area of these patches means that the engine does not have to generate extra power to accelerate the vehicle when your car is at rest. Lesser engine power means lesser fuel burnt in the process.

Additionally, if the tyres are enormous, it will add to its overall weight. Heavier tyres mean that more frictional force will act on it, therefore, the engine would have to burn a lot of fuel to maintain smooth acceleration throughout the ride. Consequently, you want the car maintenance to be easy on your pocket; it is advised that you choose a small-sized tyre.

Big tyres are safer

Larger and heavier tyres take a toll on the fuel economy and engine performance, but they enhance the car’s braking system. They also provide better grip and safety when speeding on highways and going long distances. If you operate a heavy vehicle, these tyres will not affect the performance by a considerable margin. Therefore, you are less likely to face performance issues. If you look up car tyres near me online, you will find several dealerships that can provide just the right tyre for your car.

Contrary to the smaller sized tyres, these tyres have a larger contact patch, and at any given point of time, a vast surface area of these tyres is in contact with the road, hence, it provides a better grip off the surface.

Sometimes, in the case of smaller sized tyres, when the car is speeding, or the road is slippery. The tyres give up the grip and vehicle skids. However, this risk is very low in massive tyres because they get a far better grip off the surface.

In case of sharp turns or corner steering, the balance of all the wheels is appropriately maintained. Thus, a proper steering is maintained without the risk of rear tyres going off balance. Therefore, if you prefer safety over efficiency, you can opt for big sized tyres. For detailed information on which tyres will suit your vehicle the best, please contact your nearest garage or store.

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