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How to Decorate Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops

A kitchen countertops is the most important part of any kitchen. Even after updating the walls, windows, and furniture, it seems to decorate a space that feels so surely functional. It’s a useful part of the house, meant for destroying things, keeping dripping plates, and working. Decorative items that fall on the counter often seem unnecessary or risk being thrown with cooking oil. So how do you do intentional meters like the rest of the house and without wasting precious space?

First of all, ask yourself what you can get from the counter and in a different storage area. The sides of the refrigerator, inside the cabinets, and above the stove are asking to be used. Finally, add some decorative elements here and there (having nice and functional items like pots, cutting boards, and drainer also helps)

Here’s how to do it all:

  1. Take things off the kitchen countertops
  2. Keep essential items close at hand above the oven
  3. Place the items on the walls and the refrigerator
  4. Attach to a theme
  5. Invest in the storage you love
  6. Repack items
  7. Use the trays
  8. Show cutting boards
  9. Place small works of art against the wall
  10. Style with plants
  11. Turn the fruit into a display element

Take things off the kitchen countertops:

Before rearranging or jumping into a shopping frenzy, try removing all unnecessary items from the counter. A stack of mail, the giant air fryer, and loose pill bottles don’t belong on the counter. This fruit bowl may also look better as a focal point or on the kitchen table.

Keep essential items close at hand above the oven:

Did you know that the space above your stove is a gold mine? It makes sense, especially if you think about all the different items you end up reaching for while cooking. A simple stand that fits right above the hob keeps essentials like salt and pepper, measuring spoons, and olive oil close at hand.

Place the items on the walls and the refrigerator:

Another hidden storage area no one can think of? The sides of the refrigerator. An unused surface like this is the perfect place for a magnetic glove box, which holds everything from tea towels to measuring cups. Also, use the walls to remove items from the counter (and make room for more decorative pieces).

Attach to a theme:

Ditch any neon pots you still have at school (or create the neon theme if you like!) And find a color palette to stick with. All utensils, tools, and accessories can adapt to the color scheme. Try everything in wood, black and white, a single metallic finish or make a deliberate mix of matching … making this simple change will ensure that everything on the countertop hangs better together and looks elegant rather than cluttered.

Invest in the storage you love:

If you want to keep the flour, sugar, and salt on the counter, put them in cute boxes. Even items like a dish drainer or knife holder don’t have to be an eyesore. When the pieces are color coordinated and more designed, your counter will look a lot less cluttered in practice.

Repack items:

Anything that came from the store with a label (dish soap, pepper grinder, coffee bags, etc.) is transferred to a container that coordinates with the rest of the kitchen countertops … unless, of course, the packaging is already beautiful.

Use the trays:

We’ve already detailed our love of storage clutter trays, so there’s no need to go into that. Suffice it to say: a spacious tray or a lazy Susan is great for holding all kinds of things (plants, olive oil, salt shaker, utensils, etc.) and the small trays grab keys, sunglasses, and other small bits.

Show cutting boards:

Instead of hiding oiled acacia and expertly assembled bamboo, display your cutting boards by leaning them against the wall.

Place small works of art against the wall:

Similar to cutting boards, small works of art leaning against the wall and on suspended shelves elevate the kitchen from strictly functional to avant-garde. If you’re worried about cooking to spatter, be sure to use an easy-to-clean frame, such as painted wood or metal.

Style with plants:

Don’t be afraid to model with plants in the kitchen … think: drooping vines hanging from open shelves and sturdy succulents by the sink. It’s no secret that plants bring any room to life and kitchens are no exception. Try perching a plant on a less used box, or even hanging it from the bottom of the closet with a hook.

Turn the fruit into a display element:

Your bananas can function as a display item (think how many fruit still lifes you’ve seen in museums!) Or keep lemons in a visible bowl – fresh fruit always makes the kitchen feel alive and well.


In the struggle between style and function, function usually wins over kitchen counters. But just because there are a few things you need to keep out of the way doesn’t mean you can’t devote the extra space to stylish items that help your kitchen feel well designed. And just like the style of your coffee table, the style of your kitchen countertops is a bit of an art. Organizing, refreshing, and designing small spaces is what saves us in the winter until we can take out the paint and power tools in the spring.

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