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How to Deep Clean Your House?

Here you can get some details about deep cleaning or your house

Festivities or not cleaning your house is always on the top of the list. It may be the arrival of the guests or your dearest mother-in-law, this reminds you to get down on your knees and clean the whole place up and house wash

Home cleaning and pest control both are important for our house but we always think to clean our house not think about pest problems so what are you waiting for after cleaning call the pest service to inspect your home and give any solution for it or you can hire also here is the pest control service in Chennai so go and check out our services

Lets’ start with the living room then. The face of your house and the first to catch anyone’s attention is the living room. You can either hire home cleaning services or do it yourself. If you have decided on doing home cleaning yourself then here are a few tips for you house wash.

  • Declutter Before Deep Cleaning

Before you start with the deep home cleaning, it’s best to declutter the place properly. Start with the corners, and any visible racks or cabinets. As they are the place where clutter can accumulate fast. Take a garbage bag and picking all the things that you think belong in the dustbin.

All this while you can put the items in their proper places. Once you have decluttered your living space now you can easily tidy the surfaces and will be motivated to do everything quickly.

  • Start from the ceiling

Start with the ceilings, fans, bulbs, walls, etc. You can use a duster and microfibre mop to reach the corners of those false ceiling. These can easily reach below the sofa, beds, behind the stools, and cabinets also making it easier for you to clean them.
It’s best to use warm water by adding a drop of dishwashing gel. You can also take the help of a micro-fiber cloth. Wipe, rinse, and wring it.

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  • Deep Clean Windows

Next on the list are beautiful windows. To clean them is the simplest of tasks. All you have to do is vacuum the tracks and sills first. Then use a spritz of water with glass cleaners on the glasses. You can use a microfiber cloth or simply a newspaper will do. Leave the liquid for a minute or two then squeegee it off. Wipe in one direction on the outside, then wipe it out in a different direction on the inside. This way you can fix the left-outs.

  • Window Treatments

If you are a fan of shades and blinds you can hire home cleaning services. They don’t take much time and get the work done fast. If you don’t want intrusion at the moment you can start by yourself. All you have to do is use the brush attachment of the vacuum to clean them. Fluff the curtains in the dryer instead of giving them to the laundry. Meantime you can wipe the dust off the rings and rods.

This way your window treatment will be completed soon. You can use some of the good products available at the store to get a spotless window in time.

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Final Word

Using the above tips can help you get a spotless, and clean living room in no time. If you don’t have time you can always take the help of a home cleaning service who can help you out if you are busy.

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