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How to Distinguish Between Different Types of Plastic Plumbing Pipes?

Most of the times it can get confusing when choosing a type of pipe for use in your plumbing system. Though for general purposes, pipes and fittings manufactured by plastic pipe manufacturers are among the best option to go with. Let’s look at different options.

In this article, we will go through some types of pipes you can find in the market and help you understand how every one of them is beneficial for your use.

Plastic PVC plumbing pipes are commonly ordered into three: UPVC is also known as unplasticized PVC, CPVC pipes also known as chlorinated PVC, and PVC-O (sub-atomic arranged PVC). Other than sharing a significant number of similar properties, for example, wellbeing, sturdiness, maintainability, and recyclability, each kind of PVC has its own points of interest for various applications. 

Pipes manufacturers produce pipes made of PVC-U that have numerous advantages. These pipes offer the best applications while using them for transporting drinkable water since these pipes are easy to handle due to their weight. Specialized properties incorporate high mechanical execution, high solidness, high substance obstruction, and protection from UV introduction. In addition, PVC-U pipes have great ecological profiles and are 100% recyclable. 

uPVC Pipes

uPVC represents unplasticized PVC, which implies no plasticizer has been added to the PVC compound. Among the other types of plastic pipes out there, uPVC is used the most due to its ability to withstand harsher environments without any issues. Mostly used in scenarios like sewage plumbing or drainages.

cPVC Pipes

Just like its counterpart, cpPVC pipes offer a lot of applications as well. cPVC pipes are also used to transfer drinking water due to the fact that it doesn’t rot and last a long time. These pipes have a tough built and can be recycled more than once. 

Channel size can do various things to your undertaking, contingent on your needs. Smaller the pipe is, the more adaptable your funnel will be. So, on the off chance that you need bent surfaces for a casing, need circles or circles, go little.

Choosing the right PVC size is important since you can’t fit a bigger one in a small spot or small in a bigger spot. The types of plastic water pipes are categorized by the material used to create them. This makes it important to choose a plumbing system based on the requirements you have.

In general, there are few different types apart from the ones mentioned above such as PEX: Cross-linked Polyethylene, PVC: Polyvinyl Chloride like UPVC pipes, LLDPE: Linear Low-density Polyethylene.

Before you choose whether you want UPVC pipes and fittings or some other types of pipes, it better to check their properties like temperature rating, compatibility with chemicals, and much more.

PEX Water Pipes

When it comes to hot and cold water, PEX water pipes are preferred as they are made from cross-linked Polyethylene that comes with extra strength. PEX pipes/tubes generally have a big diameter of around 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches.

Generic Polyethylene Water Pipes

Polyethylene pipes/tubes are considered one the best as they are known for being able to withstand high temperature and pressure and other environmental stresses. Among others in polyethylene pipes, LLDPE is considered the most common and best.


If you look from a distance, most of the pipes manufactured by pipes and fittings manufacturers will appear the same. But the real difference comes in the material quality, durability, and the applications it offers. This is why it’s important that you verify these things with your requirements before purchasing them.

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