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How to Download/Extract Attachments from MBOX File on Mac OS || Complete Guide

Having Mozilla Thunderbird or Google Takeout and want to extract attachments from the MBOX file on Mac? Then you are at the very right place to follow, here the article provides a common tool that can work irrespective of the Email clients. In today’s time, people often use platforms that are MBOX-supported and because of their flexibility and nature, they could be shared and viewed easily without any restrictions.

But due to sharing and receiving of emails in your email client the size of the MBOX file tends to increase automatically which will be difficult for you. The embedded attachments in these MBOX files are the major source of occupying space. And because of this, the efficiency of the email client and your PC tends to perform beyond your expectations. Thus, it becomes very important to extract attachments from MBOX files to have a smoother experience.

Get the Perfect Solution from here, save your heavy attachments and lighten up your MBOX files. Explore this article further to know the Perfect Solutions to Extract Attachments from MBOX on Mac.

Why you should Extract all your Attachments from MBOX on Mac?

Here are the warning signs for you to understand and save your valuable information: –

  • Firstly, the bigger the size of the MBOX file, the higher the chances of data loss and corruption of the file.
  • Secondly, users like you and me will face problems sharing these large MBOX files.
  • Thirdly, the efficiency and operations of the Email client tend to decrease automatically.
  • And fourthly, you should save your precious attachments from the MBOX file to prevent any unforeseen circumstances.

Thus, it is the need of an hour to Extract Attachments from the MBOX file on Mac right away. However, there is a manual method to extract attachments from MBOX files, as the attached documents are all included in a single *.mbox file. Therefore, read the below section to get a single solution for all the issues.

The Ultimate Solution is here – Save Attached Documents from MBOX

If you want to save your attachments and prevent them from data loss and corruption then follow the tool. MBOX Attachment Extractor Mac this utility will extract attachments from the MBOX file of any email client which supports MBOX file format. The tool is user-friendly and assists you with the best features giving you 100% accurate results. The Wizard extracts all kinds of attachments including PDF, DOC, TIFF, etc. thus it can work on every kind of attachment stored in the MBOX file. The file size does not matter while using the application to extract attachments from the MBOX file on Mac.

Besides this, the tool gives you 2-easy options to upload MBOX files to facilitate either bulk export or only selective exports. It preserves and maintains all your attachments safely and previews MBOX files data on the software itself before the conversion process. Also, there is no restriction on the uploading of the MBOX files in the software, you can upload a bulk of MBOX files.

Also, Perform 2-Easy Extraction Solution– The wizard offers you 2 ways to upload your MBOX files in the software.

  • Bulk Upload– This allows you to upload a bulk of MBOX files without any glitches or errors using the dual ADD option available.
  • Selective upload– This option enables you to upload single or multiple selective Mailboxes.

Moreover, the functionalities are rendered easily in the software and can be used by computer novice users effortlessly.

Step-by-Step Guide to Extract Attachments from MBOX file

The extractor tool is very simple and the tool itself guides the user to extract attachments from MBOX files. Still, let me give out the procedure to extract the attached document from Mailboxes in the simplest way possible. Follow the basic simple steps to follow the MBOX Attachment Extraction: –

1. Start the application, MBOX Attachment Extractor on Mac System.

2. Now you have to upload the MBOX file from which you wish to extract using the Add file (s) or Add folder (s) options.

3. Choose the MBOX file with the attached document you wish to remove or extract attachments from the MBOX file.

4. Now choose options from the Saving Tab and choose any of the options from Extract Attachments; Remove Attachments; Extract and Remove Attachments.

Extract Attachments from MBOX on Mac

5. If you want to choose selective files then select Filter options.

7. Now finally press the OK button to start the Extract process.

You will then receive notifications regarding the successful completion of the Export process.

Demo Version of the Tool

The above-mentioned steps are performed using the trial version. And therefore, the tool got some limitations on the trial version, i.e., use the tool to extract attachments from 10+ MBOX files at a single attempt. The Trial/Demo version is to test and understand the working of the application to download attachments from Mailboxes on macOS. To download attachments from multiple MBOX files without any restriction get the professional version. Visit the tools official site to buy the extractor tool.

Capabilities of the MBOX Extractor Application

You can find hundreds of applications that can perform the task. But the efficiency and the features of the MacUncle MBOX Attachment Extractor are outstanding. Here are the reasons as to why you should choose this tool to Extract Attachment from the MBOX file on Mac: –

User-Friendly Interface

The tool comes with an easy-to-use interface with top functionalities embedded in the tool which can be operated even by novice users.

Multiple MBOX Extraction

The utility can extract attachments from the MBOX file on Mac of various file formats like PDF, DOC, HTML, TIFF, XLS, etc. thus, there is no limit to it.

Filter Option

Out of all the options, the filter option is the best one. It comprises all the email components such as To, From, Subject, Subject, Size, etc. You can also set a specific date range to extract the attached document from that particular date.

Flexibility to choose a location

The tool allows you to store the resultant saved attachments to store in your preferred location. Either choose the default location i.e., Desktop or browse a suitable location to store any type of attachment from MBOX files.

No Limit on the Size

The tool offers you to upload as large MBOX files as you want in the software for extraction.

Remove Attachment Option

Also with extraction, you can also remove all the attachments from mailboxes without causing any changes to the email messages. Removal of attachments from the MBOX file is one of the solutions to reduce the size of MBOX files while extracting mailboxes from email services.


The software supports all the latest versions of Mac OS like 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.13 High Sierra, 10.12 Sierra, etc.

On a Positive Note!

The article rightly provides you with easy and reliable methods to Extract Attachments from the MBOX file on Mac. The easiest solution is listed above which can provide worth experience. MBOX Attachment Extractor gives you no size limit, you can upload any amount of MBOX files in the software. The utility also gives you the option to remove the attachment after extracting it from the MBOX file. The tool provides you with a 100% guarantee of safety and security thus, your data are in the safest hands. The application supports all the latest versions of Mac OS.

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