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How To Edit a Live Photo on an iPhone

How To Edit a Live Photo on an iPhone

Do you know how to edit a live photo on your iPhone?

Live photos capture more than a moment. They capture the tiny little tics and shifts in expression that make photos memorable. Instagram agrees as it’s the only social media platform that supports Live Photos.

But sometimes, you want to edit a Live Photo like every other photo you’ve taken.

Please keep reading to learn how to edit a Live Photo on your iPhone by following our photo editing tips below.

Know Your Editing Software

You need to know a few things about perfecting how to edit a live photo. You must understand that Live Photos are a new type of picture that Apple introduced with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. They are a short video clip mixed with a still photo.

You can use a few different apps, but we recommend using the built-in Apple Photos app. In editing live photos, we can also consider some free software to remove background from image free.

Find the Live Photo You Want to Edit

In live photo editing, You can start by opening the Photos app and tapping the “Albums” tab. Then, tap on the “Live Photos” album. Select the live photo you want to edit. Tap on the live photo icon in the bottom left corner of the picture.

This will turn off the live image and allow you to edit the photo like any other photo. After editing, tap the live photo icon again to turn it back on.

Tap the Edit Button in the Top Right Corner and tap the Edit button. This will open the editing tools.

Edit the Photo Like Any Other Photo

To edit the photo like any other photo, use the editing tools at the bottom of the screen. You may start by tapping the Live Photo icon in the upper left corner. To change the Key Photo, tap the Key Photo icon and the new key photo, then tap the Live Photo Effects icon and the Off button.

You may also Tap Edit, then tap the Live banner at the top of the screen. You can now edit the photo like any other photo. To turn off the Live effect, tap the Live banner again.

Tap Done and Save

Once done and happy with the results, kindly click on the “Save” button to save your edited Live Photo to keep your memories on your iPhone, whether it is JPEG or PNG.

Now You Know How to Edit a Live Photo

If you want to edit a Live Photo on your iPhone, there are a few things you need to remember on how to edit a live photo. You must open the photo in the Photos app or find the software you can use and tap on the Edit button. Then, tap on the Live Photo button.

You can use various editing tools to make changes to your Live Photo and save your changes after.

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