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How to Enable Networking During Virtual Events

Networking is a stepping stone and a crucial aspect of any event that contributes to its overall success. It not only results in taking engagement level up but results in generating better sales leads and business revenues. It has been anticipated that events organized in a remote setting do not offer opportunities for networking the same as live physical and virtual events. Have you ever thought about how true the statement is?

It’s a sole myth, virtual events offer enormous opportunities for networking in a safe and secure visually rich digital environment. Everyone must have been a part of video conferencing one time or the other. For some experiences might be enjoyable whereas some do not find the interactions very promising. With the change in scenarios, hosting virtual hybrid events have become a new normal. As technology has advanced, various new features have been upscaled that helps in delivering lifelike interactions and event experiences to attendees.

A fully advanced virtual event platform offers brilliant opportunities to connect, network, and collaborate virtually. It enables attendees to network and have free-flowing communications in real-time with exhibitors, hosts, speakers as well as other attendees.

How virtual event platform facilitates networking:

  • A comprehensive virtual event platform creates similar experiences for attendees to those of in-person events. It enables attendees to have one-on-one interactions with attendees, hosts, speakers, exhibitors, etc same as on-ground events from their varied remote locations.
  • Virtual event platforms offer customized networking lounges suiting the brand image that enable attendees to be a part of ongoing group discussions like traditional event formats. One can be a part of open discussions seamlessly from their remote locations.
  • Integrated Live chat functionality offered by the platform enables attendees to have live audio/video/text chats during the event. Attendees can have free-flowing one-on-one or group interactions in real-time. Live chat capabilities offered by the platform enables attendees to connect and network with virtual booth representatives, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, tech support, and attendees in real-time thus replicating the feel of face-to-face interactions via interface-to-interface interactions.
  • Virtual networking table is a brilliant feature offered by virtual events platforms to upscale the event experience and deliver life-like interaction experiences. Virtual networking tables enable participants to connect and collaborate with other participants in a dedicated virtual space. It can be branded and customized as per the needs and requirements of the business whereas attendees can move freely from one table to another. It enables participants to have 1:1 discussions or meetings by sitting in front of each other.
  • AI matchmaking is an exceptional feature offered by advanced virtual event platforms that makes networking easy and seamless. It helps in identifying the most suitable exhibitors suiting your interests to have conversations with. It results in saving time and generating more qualified leads.
  • One can simply exchange virtual business or visiting cards during virtual events. It helps in building relationships with prospective clients, exhibitors, and attendees.
  • Virtual events enable attendees to book an appointment or schedule a call with the exhibitor as per the preferred time slot and date. The meeting can even take place outside the platform once the event ends.

Wrap up

Networking offers opportunities to collaborate with potential allies whether clients or attendees. The elements of face-to-face interactions and handshakes are completely escalated with virtual events, making people think achieving networking equations similar to in-person events is not possible.

But it’s not true, Virtual events offer enormous possibilities to connect and network seamlessly with others in a digital space. With the right planning and technology, you are sure to network effectively in a virtual environment.

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