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How To Encrypt Email In Outlook

Emails are one of the most used modes of communication in today’s era. Every common man uses email to communicate with each other when it comes to online mode of communication. Due to the easy accessibility of emails, it is widely used by users from every sector. Be it a school-going student or a professional or a homemaker, in every field, it has gained a huge response from users. There are many email providers available that provide mailing services to users. One among them is Outlook.

Outlook is an internet-based service provider that is designed by Microsoft. This service provides an extra benefit to users in terms of providing data in your system outlook application. Many important documents or files are shared and received through outlook emails. So, it is necessary to protect your important data that are stored in outlook. But, due to a lack of proper information users cannot send encrypted emails. That is why you will get to see a common query on the internet related to how to send encrypted email outlook.

If you are also one of such users who wants to how to send a secure email in outlook, then stay connected with this article. Here I am going to reveal the best and easy technique through which users can easily send encrypted email outlook.

Manual Methods of How to Encrypt Email in Outlook

While you are looking for a manual technique to send encrypted email outlook, I am highlighting here three methods that you can choose to perform the task.

  1. Take help from digital ID s certificates both from the receiver and sender.
  2. By using Office 365 Message Encryption (OME).
  3. Applying email encryption add-ins.

No doubt all these three are good options available to users for encrypting emails in outlook but the reality is not that easy. Many users have faced numerous amount of difficulties when tried to implement all this manual system of outlook encrypt emails.

Problems Associated With The Manual Approach of How to Send a Secure Email In Outlook

  • These three techniques require a lot of technical knowledge to perform.
  • All of three methods are a time-consuming and lengthy process.
  • The performance of these three manual steps depends on both the receiver and sender of emails.
  • None of the methods guarantees of security and safety of your crucial emails.
  • In these techniques, users have to perform the whole process manually without getting any outside help.

Till now, you might have started to worry as to how to send encrypted email outlook. Don’t worry I have another smart solution for my dear users. Considering all the above-cited problems I have selected an easy third-party tool to help my users to send encrypted emails. Before going in-depth to the functionality of the tool, let me first give an outline of the professional software.

Professional Solution of Encrypting Emails in Outlook

DRS PST Password Remover is an automated software that offers users to set passwords for their important files. Along with setting up of passwords, it also allows users to unlock the password-protected files if required. This is a top-notch software that can perform both the task very efficiently. Any non-technical or beginner user can run the tool without having any previous technical knowledge. It is designed with some excellent features that make it unique from others.

Notable Features of The Professional Solution

  • This tool can easily deal with both ANSI and UNICODE code. It is capable to unlock any files with this code whereas also lock your files with the same.
  • The software lets users to deal with multiple files so that you don’t have to repeat the process for each file separately.
  • The tool assures proper safety and security of your files at the time of locking or unlocking the files.
  • This software is capable to work in any version of Windows.
  • The tool also offers an awesome benefit to its users by providing a free trial version to check its functionality.

The software requires very basic steps to perform its task. It does need an experienced hand to deal with the system. Let us, now check the workability of this tool by some easy steps that are listed below.

 Basic Steps of The Professional Tool

 Steps to set a password for your important file –

  1. First, launch DRS PST Password Remover in your system.
  2. Now, select the files which you want to lock.
  3. Next, select the set password button.
  4.  Type a new password and then hit on the Ok button.
  5. Now, your file has become password protected.

I am also writing here steps to remove a password from a file-

  1. First, launch DRS PST Password Remover in your system.
  2. Select the files you want to unlock.
  3. Next hit the remove password option from the tool.
  4. Now, the file has become unprotected by a password.


In this article, I have cited two sets of solutions to answer the question of how to encrypt email in outlook. Both sets of procedures are very different from each other. The manual method is a little bit more complicated as compared to the automated technique. So, I suggest users to go thoroughly with this piece of information and choose the best method that can perform the task more efficiently and in less time.

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