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How To Extend Your MacBook Life Expectancy

If you have just bought yourself a brand new MacBook (or even a second-hand one but brand new for you), you would probably like to use it for a long while. It’s true that macs usually can live longer than other personal computers. If you want it to be your case as well, you have to remember about a few things.

Keep it Clean & Cool

When your computer is clean and well, it runs at lower internal temperatures. It’s good to get your Mac open from time to time to clean out the dust and check if everything works as it should. Not every MacBook can be easily opened so do your research before getting to work.

Then, remember to never place it on pillows or other materials that can block the airflow. Overheating is extremely dangerous to any electronic devices.

Keep it Healthy

MacBook systems may be much safer from threats than Windows but they’re not invulnerable. Getting a Mac virus is still possible and can do a lot of damage to your computer so make sure you have good anti-virus software and you run scans regularly.

Keep it Maintained

Disk Utility on MacBook includes something called a Disk First Aid and it can help you find and repair problems before they start impacting your computer’s work and doing damage. Don’t forget about it to ensure the safety and high performance of your Mac. The other thing to remember is Safe Mode, a boot environment to run tests and delete potential problems.

Keep it Updated

Apple programmers are constantly working to make your system safer, smoother, better, but you have to allow them to help you. Even if you’re 100% satisfied with the system version you’re operating on right now, don’t ignore notifications about an upgrade.

Here’s another tip for your MacBook.

How To Clean Your Apple MacBook Air and Pro PC?

We often use soap water, aerosol sprays, hydrogen peroxide cleaners, etc for the cleaning purpose, but it will not work with your MacBook. These sprays will end up damaging the finish of the Macintosh Book(waterproof coat). The usage of computer cleaners available in the market is recommended as they are specifically designed for the purpose. Also, make it a point to use a soft, and lint-free cloth for avoiding scratches.

These are the following steps to clean your MacBook:
  • Switch off your laptop, to begin with, the procedure. Make sure that it is not in a sleep mode because if in case, it’s in sleep mode, you might be unknowingly compromising on the open files and documents.
  • Detach the power adapter and battery (if detachable) before cleaning.
  • An air duster is an essential commodity that can be used to blow off the dust from difficult to reach areas. Also, make it sure that no water spills over your computer from air duster. If in case it happens, let it dry and then proceed with the cleaning process.
  • The next role is to be played by a soft bristled brush which can be used to remove dust from the edges.
  • Clean the screen with LCD cleaner, or you can make use of water for the same. Ensure that the cloth you are using to wipe off the solution is soft or lint-free. Rub in a circular motion. Make sure that there is no leftover grime or oil on the screen.
  • Clean the exterior of the computer now. Don’t spray the liquid directly over it, but pour a few drops on a lint-free cloth and then clean.
  • Clean the keyboard with a damp cloth. Remember it must be slightly damp.
  • Take a thin brush or a cotton swab to clear off the dust stuck between the keys.
  • Don’t make use of cleaning solutions for a trackpad, but use a slightly damp and clean cloth for the same. Also, make sure to dry it with a dry cloth immediately after cleaning with a wet cloth.
  • Slightly rub the underneath portion and a non-slip rubber on the bottom of a MacBook with a dry cloth.

Apple MacBook Repair is the best solution for your Mac hardware or software problems.

  • Just in case you use a spray to clean the retina screen, do not directly in the screen. Always spray on the cloth or the wipe – not on the screen.
  • Since your laptop cost you almost two thousand dollars, which is a huge sum of money, do not be nasty while cleaning and handling it. You do not want it to be scrapped soon. So, whenever you are using the laptop keep your food articles away, your drinks away, and try to use only clean hands.
  • Do not use greased hands to touch the screen or maybe altogether the laptop.
  • Wash your hands, it hardly takes a minute and costs you nothing. However, your laptop costs you a little fortune. All this should be done out of a little respect towards your laptop which comes in need all the time for you.

1. Create a keyboard shortcut for anything you want in MacBook

If you want to create your own shortcut in your MacBook to access any menu option you like:

a. Go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts, and click the + icon.

b. A box will pop up allowing you to choose the application you want, the name of the menu command and the keyboard shortcut of your choice.

c. After you’re done, tap Add.

2. Rename a group of files at the same time

You don’t have to individually rename a bunch of files or photos on your Mac. Instead, go to Finder and select the group of documents or photos you want to rename by clicking one, holding down Shift and clicking the others. Right-click, and scroll down to the option that says Rename X items. Or, after selecting them, click the cog icon and click Rename X items from there. Then, you’ll be able to add text, replace text or apply a format like “Sarah’s birthday party” with a number for each photo.

3. Quickly Open Folders

To open up a folder in Finder or on your desktop, hold Command and press the down arrow key. To go back, just hold Command and press the up arrow key.

4. Instant File Deletion

 If you want to delete a file and want to bypass the Trash Can on the Mac that saves files before deleting them, just select a file and press Option + Command + Delete at the same time.

5. Screenshots

  • Video Screenshots – Shift + Command + 3 takes a screenshot, Shift + Command + 4 lets you select an area of the screen to screenshot, but Shift + Command + 5, a lesser known option, brings up an interface that lets you record your screen or a portion of your screen.
  • Cleaner Screenshots – When using Shift + Command + 4 to select an area of the screen, if you press spacebar, the icon turns to a camera. From there, you can click on any open window to get a screenshot of just that window or interface element like dock or menu bar.
  • Remember that your screen should display the content or the picture that you want to appear on it.
  • Now,  its time to Click Command + Shift + 3 and you will hear a sound as a camera makes while capturing a picture in your system.


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