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How To Find A Best Hair Transplant Surgeon?

People those who suffer from hair loss or Alopecia often consider getting their hair restored. But not everyone one end up getting the right and desired results to their treatment. This might be because they didn’t choose an experienced surgeon. So before you ask anyone how to find a good hair transplant surgeon, keep reading and you’ll get helpful answers to all your questions.

  1. Qualification:

Always look for a highly qualified doctor. Ask him about his medical practices, as training in dermatology and cosmetic surgery are not adequate, the doctor should have practiced particularly in hair restoration training programs. He should be trained and qualified from an approved hair transplant and restoration center.

  1. Certification:

Although the eligibility of a doctor doesn’t rely on his certificates, but to be on a safer side it is necessary to have enough knowledge about the surgeon’s capabilities. A licensed doctor of that particular place with the particular approved certificates is a better choice.

  1. Experience:

An experienced hair transplant surgeon will provide you with your desired results. A best hair transplant surgeon is the one who has years of experience and also has the knowledge of up to date techniques and upgrades his skills according to the innovation. An efficient doctor would always stay connected to the modernization and advancement in the hair restoration technology.

  1. Which technique to be used?

A best hair transplant doctor is he who knows which technique should be applied to the patient. For which kind of hair restoration treatment is my patient eligible. A good doctor doesn’t stick to the only one technique he is comfortable with, but he should be flexible enough to understand the needs of a patient and treat him accordingly.

What is the duty of a person who plans to get hair restoration Surgery?

As a patient it is your duty to ask your doctor several questions related to the treatment so that you get all your doubts cleared and you get well aware of the knowledge of your doctor. You should let the doctor know your fears related to the process so that he narrates you of the pros and cons of hair restoration.

What should I ask my doctor before hair transplant surgery?

You should ask several questions to make yourself clear about the treatment. If your doctor has advised you FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction then you should ask your doctor:

  • Which method is used to extract the grafts?
  • Who will extract the graft?
  • What do technicians do in this treatment?
  • Does the doctor use different methods to extract grafts?

In the case of FUT, Follicular Unit Transplant you should ask:

  • Will the grafts taken apart/ dissected microscopically?
  • Are stereo micro scopes used by all technicians?
  • From when have the technicians been using microscope to extract follicular units?
  • Are more methods used to extract grafts or only one technique is used?

Your own research is also important:

Before you plan on getting hair transplant, it is important for you to get well researched information on your own so that when you visit several surgeons, you will know whom to choose. Getting well informed will also save you if someone tries to fool you or guide you wrong. And when you be prepared for a particular treatment on your side, choosing the right doctor will be easier for you.

Hair Restoration Results:

Ask your hair specialist in Islamabad for the work he has previously done. The photos of his patients before and after the surgery will provide you with the idea of the results. Ask your doctor and make sure that the transplanted areas do not differ from the other areas.

Hair restoration surgery can be a great transformation for people. The significance of finding the best and skillful surgeon is that he’ll furnish you with a breathtaking makeover.

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