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How to Find a Live in Caregiver

How to Find a Live in Caregiver

According to estimates, there are over 3 million home health and personal care aides in the United States. If you’re considering hiring a caregiver, this statistic is both good and bad. It will be easy for you to find a caregiver, but hard to find one that is good for your situation.

This article, How to Find a Live in Caregiver, can help you with the process. Read on to learn some tips for hiring a live in caretaker.

What is a Caregiver?

There are two main categories of caregiver: 24-hour and Live In. You may find that people use the terms interchangeably. However, they are different.

A live in caregiver lives in your home and, outside of sleeping, takes care of your loved one 24/7. 24-hour caregivers work in 8-hour shifts. Usually, the former is the best option if your loved one needs a large amount of assistance.

Beyond that, both types of caregivers have similar domestic and personal tasks they will perform. These include cleaning and cooking for your loved one and helping him or her stay clean and healthy.

Do I Need a Caregiver?

Whether or not you need a caregiver depends on the state of your loved one. If they can handle most tasks themselves, assisting them with other ones probably won’t interrupt your life. When you find yourself unable to enjoy your life as much, hiring a caregiver can let you have that back.

Before you start searching for caregivers, assess your situation. Track your daily tasks and how you’re feeling from day to day. If it seems like too much, start at least marking some tasks a caregiver could handle for you.

However, even if your loved one is healthy now, don’t put off thinking about caregivers completely. The situation may change in the future. Consider making a plan on what to do if you need a caregiver in the future.

Where Can I Find a Caregiver?

The first step should be to find a caregiver guide or assessor. You can call your local council for assistance with this. They will send a social worker to your home to figure out the situation and what you need.

The social worker will then recommend some services to you. You can go with their suggestions or you can search for options yourself. You may also receive a stipend to assist you in paying for your loved one’s care.

There are several places that you can go to find a live in caregiver. You can easily get in contact with home care agencies or registries. These handle all caregiver payments and provide you with vetted caregivers.

Hiring a private caregiver is also possible. However, if you do this, you will have to take care of most employee requirements yourself.

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Remember that it may take a long time for you to find the perfect caregiver. If you get stressed, think of your loved one. They deserve the best caregiver you can find.

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