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How to Find Great Deal When Buying RTA Kitchen Cabinets

Ready to assemble, or RTA, cabinets are a popular product among people who are on a budget and still want quality furniture. Just because it was not assembled by a machine or craftsman does not mean that it is somehow a lesser item. The same construction techniques that are used by craftsmen on RTA cabinets are also used on standard RTA cabinets. There are two things that make RTA cabinets superior to other products. These are the quality and ease of assembly.

Most kitchens’ remodel plans involve the use of RTA cabinets as part of the design. This is usually the case with cabinetry that will not be used as a permanent part of the space. Kitchen cabinet boxes are an exception because they can easily be moved from one room to another. If you already have RTA cabinets in place in your kitchen, there is really no need to purchase new ones.

Like traditional kitchen cabinets, RTA cabinets feature dovetail drawer fronts that fit against the cabinet sides. The difference lies in the way the drawers open. With traditional kitchen cabinets, all the drawers opened at the same time; this requires constant attention and adjustments to prevent the contents from moving out of sight. In addition, the RTA cabinet doors are crafted from a sturdier, heavier material, which means that the drawers do not squeak or groan when the doors are opened.

Because RTA kitchen cabinets are assembled in such a way that they require very little assembly, the project will usually take a shorter period of time. Because everything is pre-assembled, there is no need to provide the homeowner with the tools needed to properly complete the installation. Some of the more common tools required for the installation of RTA cabinets include screwdrivers and a level. Other hardware includes the screws and rivets needed for wall mounting and alignment. Because there are no joints to join, there is also no need for a vapor barrier to be installed between the kitchen cabinets and walls.

While most custom cabinets are sold in sets, some manufacturers specialize in constructing cabinets according to the specifications of individual homeowners. This option may be more expensive than buying a set of ready to assemble (RTA) cabinets online; however, the result is often far superior in quality and design. A set of custom kitchen cabinets is an exact replication of the interior design and style of the room in which they are intended to be installed. As such, they provide a perfect choice for any homeowner who desires a high-end product with an interior design that echoes that of their homes’ interiors.

One advantage to purchasing new RTA kitchen cabinets rather than building them is the ability to accessorize them. When building custom cabinets, the buyer has to make choices regarding how they will be built, including the type of doors that will be used. In the case of RTA cabinetry, all of these decisions can be made at the time of purchase. As a result, the buyer has a perfectly good product already constructed. The only extra decision is which finish or color to use in order to achieve the interior design effect desired.

It should be noted that RTA kitchen cabinets require no professional installation. They are easy to put together, and once installed, there is very little maintenance required. If someone wants to take on the task of building their own RTA kitchen cabinets, they should have little difficulty doing so. Those who prefer to hire professionals will find that it can be very affordable to hire a contracting firm to put the cabinets together for them.

The biggest drawback to RTA cabinets online is the price. They are typically more expensive than the comparable wood-based kitchen cabinets, and shipping times add to the overall cost. Fortunately, there are other options. Homemade cabinets are an affordable alternative to RTA, and they do not require as much upkeep or shipment time. These options also ensure that the homeowner has a quality product that they can be proud of.

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