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How to find the best electric longboard conversion kit for your board?

Tips for choosing the best electric skateboard conversion kit

Like thousands of people, you probably enjoy using longboards as a hobby or fun activity. But many often ask: Is it possible to convert an ordinary longboard into an electric skateboard?

You can convert your electric longboard conversion kit. All you need is one thing: you need an electric skateboard conversion kit. You can find different types of such conversion kits in the market. Okay, we’re here to help you make a good choice.

To help you, we’ve stepped in to conduct in-depth research on the features of the most reputable and reliable electric skateboard conversion kit while you’re shopping there.

Dive to find out!

Why it is better to use an electric skateboard conversion kit instead of the whole e-board

Electric skateboards (e-boards) have become quite popular with many athletes, hobbyists, and travelers. In fact, the era of modern battery-powered skateboards seems to be here to stay! All this is thanks to the advancement of modern rechargeable batteries and electric motor technology.

Typically, fixing these electric kits into an already existing deck is an exciting task. But don’t expect more savings than buying a complete e-board. So, should you buy this kit?

As mentioned, there are many types of skateboard kits on the market. You don’t really have to purchase such a complete unit. The best thing to do is buy a complete board. But it is an expensive route. If you decide to use e-board conversion kits, you can customize and personalize your kit in a way that is not possible with all other options.

Think about it: Using the conversion kit, you can add a modular electric kit (your existing personal deck). This advantageous feature is the lack of modern electric skateboards. In addition, you can select any desired skateboard and customize it to your liking.

Such features are actually strange for converted e-boards. You only need to fit your deck kit and Voila! You better go. Moreover, the kit comes with already completed electrical technical work. 

How wonderful!


What to consider when choosing an electric skateboard conversion kit

Here are the things to consider:

Ease of assembly

This is an essential part of the kit. Ease of assembly is especially important if you want to avoid a lot of calculations, drilling, soldering, and cutting. Plugs and rides are usually the easiest to set up. Once you have it, all you have to do is mount the kit on the deck and plug in the battery. Everything is ready now!

Motor type

How do you think your e-board will have more power? If so, the motor is also essential. Usually, batteries, electric speed controllers, and motors are the components that control the speed of the device. They also control how well you climb the mountain, the braking effectiveness of the kit and how much acceleration you can achieve.


An essential issue with the kit is the battery- quality and size. These factors usually determine not only the cost but also the range of the skate. Interestingly, the battery is the most expensive component of the e-skateboard conversion kit.

Make sure you know the differences between different brands, setups, and battery types. Battery capacity is measured in watt-hours. They only do this with an approximate range of batteries. Some people give voltage numbers or amperages somewhere on their website.

Examine such information carefully.

Replaceable batteries

You can easily buy some e-skateboard conversion kits with replaceable batteries. This feature is important if you want to achieve more range quickly (without waiting for regular recharge hours). You can pack another battery and keep it with you. Research and find out how long e-skateboard kit batteries actually last.

Remote control (RC)

If you are new to using the electric longboard conversion kit, you may not know how important a remote control is. If the remote control is poorly designed you will not be able to enjoy the ride on your skateboard.

Electric Speed   Controller (ESC)

This is the central computational unit of the e-skateboard conversion kit – the “brain” itself. Of course, it is an electronic part and feature that controls the speed and drive of the motor. ESC provides motors with more necessary electrical power. It controls the braking curve and acceleration if necessary. Therefore ESC is an important part of determining how efficiently you run your e-board kit.

The best electric skateboard conversion kit

 There are many different markets and I am here to help you organize all your options. You can read more about them in my article below. Anyway, I hate to bother you, so let’s get down to the juicy ones. 

Why use an electric skateboard conversion kit instead of a full e-board?

Electric skateboards (or e-boards) are becoming more popular with passengers, sports riders, and enthusiasts. New electric motor technology and powerful rechargeable batteries are leading the era of high-performance battery-powered skateboards.

 First of all, installing these kits on an existing deck is interesting, but it doesn’t save you much more than buying a full board. So what is the reason for buying?

There are currently some great skateboard kits on the market so you don’t have to buy an electric skateboard for the entire package. If you need an electric skateboard, the easiest but most expensive option is to buy a complete board. However, with the e-board kit, you have customization and personalization options that are not possible otherwise. 

 With the kit, you can choose your favorite skateboard, add your tastes and make your skateboard your own product. This is a unique feature for purchasing an estate kit, as the finished product is unique, but suitable for the rider.

 All the hard electrical work is done for you and you just need to put the kit on your deck. It can be done by anyone who has some tools, some time, and some decent instructions

Make a kit board

Many people dig up pre-made production boards, follow the DIY path, and create boards with aftermarket parts that meet their exact needs (and budget). But DIY can certainly be scary. Various batteries, ESCs, and motors are attractive. Soldering and wiring can be tedious.

DIY failures are especially painful because there is no government support to stop them if something goes wrong with the board (enjoy the VESC error at 3 o’clock instead of going with the gang!). Fortunately, there’s a happy medium between getting stuck on a pre-made board and the DIY world you don’t like. 

Keets motors, ESCs, and batteries are all provided in one complete setup. No soldering or electrical work is required. All you have to do is make a few holes in the deck of your choice and use the screws provided to install the kit. You can then turn on electricity onboard and in remote areas and move towards sunset. The kit uses all the different motors. If you have a belt or direct drive motor, you can take advantage of different wheel types to further customize your ride quality.

Although not as pre-built as an electric skateboard kit

customization options allow riders to create endless variations. The build kit board uses a powerful belt motor and a heavy battery connected to the VESC to provide our customers with a great kit. With excellent specs, the next level of customization. With additional options, and US-based customer support, BKB chose the Best 2020 Electric Skateboard Kit with a Duo setup.

Ride Unlimited product engineers have designed a powerful powertrain kit that can turn a skateboard or longboard into an electric skateboard in minutes. The kit has three riding modes that can be combined with your own custom selection via the mobile app.

Motors and electronics are weatherproof and can survive puddles. Please note that heavy rain and drowning are not recommended. The drive kit comes with everything you need to mount it on the board. All you need to install the kit is a deck and a truck.

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