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How to Find the Best Scent for You

How to Find the Best Scent for You

The global perfume market is currently worth over 30 billion dollars. Perfume is popular for a reason! Scent is an often neglected scent, but it does truly make an impression.

That’s why many people choose a signature scent that they wear on an everyday basis.

So, how do you find what your signature scent is? Let’s go through how to choose the best scent for you.

Start Light

It might be tempting to jump into the deep end with scents, but it’s always better to start with lighter options and work your way up.

It’s also important to consider where you’ll be wearing your scent. In some environments, like the workplace, it’s important to tone things down. Some people have allergies or scent aversions, after all.

Consider Your Scent Preference

It doesn’t matter how good other people think that you smell if the smell of your perfume just turns you off.

You’ll want to start with the different fragrance families. This will help you figure out what your preferences are. The general fragrance families are floral, fresh, woodsy, and amber, although there are some sub-families, you might want to look into.

Once you know the general family (or families) you’re interested in, you’ll be able to narrow things down. Look at different fragrance notes, and consider how they smell (and what they mean). Top notes, heart notes, and base notes all factor into how your perfume smells, so it’s important that you understand how they contribute to the overall composition of a perfume or cologne.

You should also think about how you want your chosen scent to make you feel. Different scents evoke different emotions – although these will, of course, differ person by person.

Of course, you might be confused about your options for experimenting. Perfume Price is one great way to find new scents.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Your Scent

You might have to try on a couple of different scents for more than one day at a time. You’ll need to see how a scent meshes with your body chemistry.

You might want to try out perfume samples or smaller sizes, so you won’t be blowing a ton of money if it turns out that the perfumes you’re trying out just don’t suit you.

However, you don’t want to try a ton of scents at the same time. They’ll all mush together, and you won’t be able to differentiate what scents are what. As a rule, only use one perfume between showers. That way, you’ll be able to have a full picture of how your perfume smells regardless of the circumstances.

Find The Best Scent For You Today

While finding your best scent might take a little bit of trial and error, you’ll be sure to find out what you need.

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