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How to fix Norton not installing on Windows 10

Norton antivirus is one of the famous antivirus programs which offers various top tools and services for keeping your device and data protected from various threats. Norton is providing you with various antivirus plans for various operating systems. Norton provides advanced security for home users as well as for business use. You can easily get a Norton plan on your device according to your device compatibility and requirements. If you use your PC for performing simple tasks then you can opt for the basic plans of Norton. Whereas, if your device for various advanced jobs then can go for the advanced plans of Norton antivirus. You can easily install Norton on your device. But some people reported that they are facing few errors while installing Norton on Windows 10 devices. Installation errors can appear due to various reasons. 

Top reasons for getting Norton installation error on Windows 10 

  1. You have an incomplete download setup
  2. You are using an expired or invalid Norton Product Key
  3. Your internet is running slow
  4. You have another antivirus installed on your device
  5. Some third-party software is conflicting with Norton installation
  6. Your device is running on outdated PC drivers
  7. Registry files get corrupted

Methods for troubleshooting Norton installation error:

Check for Norton system requirements

Norton antivirus has few resource requirements for installations. If you are installing a Norton plan which is incompatible with the PC then you will get the installation error. When you get the installation, you should immediately check the resource requirements of the Norton subscription renewal plan. If your device is unable to fulfill all the resource requirements then install a Norton plan which is compatible with your device. Sometimes low free disk space can also get you into installation error. Check the free disk space on the PC, if you are running out of space then remove all the junk from your device. Use the Windows disk cleanup app for removing the junk on your device. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Close the running program
  2. Press the Windows button
  3. Type command on the search bar
  4. Hold Ctrl and Shift keys from the keyboard
  5. Press the Enter button 
  6. A permission box will appear on your screen
  7. Click on Yes option
  8. Windows command screen will appear
  9. Now type cleanmgr on the command screen and press Enter button

The Windows clean manager tool will start checking all the files on your device. This process may take some time. Now a list of items will appear. Check all the items on the list one by one. Now check the boxes you want to remove from your device. Don’t forget to check the temporary files box and then press the OK button. All the files will get removed from your device. Now check the free disk space. If space still seems less then you should remove all the large files like movies from your device. Now restart your device and try installing Norton antivirus.

Check the Norton Product Key

You need a correct product key for installing Norton setup on your device. If you are installing a retail product then you will get the key inside the box. Check the key and type it carefully. People often get confused with similar-looking alphabets like 1/l, i/l, b,d, r/s, O,0, etc. Enter the key correctly and check the key twice before hitting the Enter button. If you are installing the Norton setup online then you will get your key on the registered phone number or email address. You should copy the key from your email and paste it on your activation window. Now click on the Activate button. If you are still getting the installation error then you should ask the Norton team for help.

Remove another antivirus from your device

You must remove another antivirus from the Windows 10 PC before installing the Norton setup. If you have another Norton antivirus plan on your device then also remove it. Two antivirus programs create conflict with one another. Antivirus can also interrupt the installation process. Close the programs and press the Windows button. Now type apps on the Windows search bar and press the Enter button. All the installed programs list will appear on your screen. Check the list and uninstall the other antivirus program from your device. If you have any third-party program on your PC then you should also uninstall it. Third-party programs not only create conflict with other programs but can also harm your device. After the uninstallation, restart your device and try to install Norton antivirus.

Run Windows Update

You must install Norton windows 10 update on a device. If you are facing any error while installing the setup then immediately check for the update. If your Windows is outdated then install the new update immediately. Now restart your device and provide a fresh Norton installation. If you are still facing an error while installing Norton then you should ask the Norton team for help.

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