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How to Get an Employee Sponsored Visa in Australia

Australia has several paths to obtaining a visa, including family who are already within Australia, being an expert or well experienced in a career that is finding shortages in the country, and an employer-sponsored visa that allows a company to sponsor you based upon their employment needs.

What is an Employee Sponsored Visa?

When an employer cannot find the people it needs to fill vital roles within the company, they can locate employees from other places and sponsor them. The more difficult the position is to fill and the fewer people within the country that can fill the role, the easier it is to sponsor someone from afar.

Job postings can be made on international job sites, and applications can be opened to anyone that has the needed qualifications. After finding a suitable applicant, the process to approve their visa can begin with an offer letter for the job and filing with the government for a visa to be issued.

Finding an Employer to Sponsor You

Perhaps the easiest way to find a sponsor employer is to apply for jobs that you are qualified for. Locate job boards and postings and apply for the positions you are most interested in and best qualified for. A recruiter or headhunter can help to place you in a job position that is well suited and will know the open positions that are the best fit for your education and experience. They work full time to place the best people in the right jobs, and this crosses borders when needed.

Check each of the skilled worker’s lists maintained on the visa sites, and determine which you are qualified for before applying for jobs. Locating a job that you are qualified for on that list is the most direct way to an employer-sponsored visa 482, as they will be processed and accepted faster than others. These are lists of jobs and skills that are most needed at the time of your application.

Skilled occupation lists offer the best chance of success. Once you have located your skills on the list, look for the companies that are hiring for positions that require that skill. You can apply to more than one company if you are suited to the job, and you may find that there are interviews with more than one. This increases your likelihood of finding a position that is the right fit.

Next Steps

Once you have an offer letter for a job that is within the skilled labor list, you can include that with your application for a visa. When applying, ensure that you are applying for the employer-sponsored visa and have all the necessary paperwork. You will need both proofs of your education and qualifications as well as the offer letter from the employer. Once approved, you will receive your visa and can begin your move.


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