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How to Get the Most Benefit in Your Office With Employee Monitoring Software?

Although we tell all our customers that employee monitoring software can improve the productivity curve of your business, this does not always happen. In most cases, the company management does not know how to use the productivity monitoring software to achieve the desired results. 

Therefore, we have decided to inform you about the importance of employee activity monitoring software and the procedures to follow when monitoring employees. First of all, we need to understand why we need to deploy employee productivity monitoring software.


employee monitoring software


Why is surveillance necessary?

Man is not a machine. Therefore, you can not expect all employees to achieve the same results at the same time. In some cases, they perform exceptionally well. However, they may be below average at different times of the day. Circumstances such as mood, motivation level, stress, pressure, and interruptions can affect employee performance.

The above discussion has confirmed that productivity cannot be measured in numbers. Therefore, it is essential to use software to monitor computer activities during office hours to keep employees on track. So there are some excellent reasons why management is forced to use employee monitoring software.

In the following, we will touch on some of the key reasons companies are prompted to monitor the computer activities of all employees.

1. An effective solution

It has been found that even high-performance employees can perform poorly due to distractions. However, this can put a strain on your business. The reason for this is that unproductive employee’s waste time and money. Even the best free EMS software shows us when our best employees are not doing well. In some cases, we may even experience the reasons for poor performance. If the management understands these reasons, the problem can be addressed, which saves time and money significantly.

2. Fuller insight

The use of productivity monitoring software does not mean that you can track the activities of your employees. It can also help you gain insights into other information that you do not so closely observe in your daily work. You can, for example, calculate idle times, attendance times, times for completing tasks, and many other things that come into question for you.

3. There is no need for micro-management

No company management likes to monitor the activities of their employees in detail. However, the right degree of productivity is a must to honor certain employees or other restrictions. When you use employee monitoring software, you do not have to harass your employees constantly because these tracking solutions can work for you without wasting your time and interfering with your employees.

Top Tips for Using Employee Monitoring Software to Increase Performance

If you are opting for the best UMS software, you are on the right path. However, if you do not know how to use these tracking solutions, you will not optimize your results. Therefore, in the next section, we will give you some interesting tips on improving the performance of your employees. So please read these instructions carefully and follow them carefully.

Tip 1: Daily monitoring is good, but you should not go into micro-management.

First, we need to define what we expect in the future from our employee monitoring software. Once we understand this, we can get the most out of the best free EMS software.

So if you are opting for tracking software, you need to know that you can stay in touch with your employees at all times. This means that you can check the performance of all your employees daily. However, this does not mean that you have to regulate things in detail. 

This way, you can build trust with your employees and let them know that you value them and appreciate their outstanding achievements. In this way, you can also get to know your employees’ motivation and psychological level without disturbing them too much.

Thus, for example, after the assignment of tasks, you no longer have to check the employee’s daily status. Find out best after the studies are done, the problems that have arisen during working hours, whether help is needed and when it will be done.

Tip 2: Focus on the quality of the work, not on time.

In most cases, business management tries to watch the time employees spend in front of the computer. Experts consider this to be the biggest mistake of the management. It is best to focus on what the employee is doing during office hours.

The review of the time spent logging in and logging out, and the total time spent working, do not tell you everything about the situation. Some employees can also afford more with fewer working hours. On the other hand, you may find that you are surrounded by employees who indicate that they are sitting at their desks all the time. However, if you check their performance, there is nothing you know to appreciate.

Tip 3: Express everything you want from your employees.

Confusion in performing tasks always leads to productivity problems. This happens when the company management does not express what is expected of employees. Therefore, clearly define your goals about a specific task, your expectations of your employees, and the desire result.

They have, for example, two tasks ahead of them that need to be accomplish. However, they know exactly which job must be complete first. So when you assign tasks, you also tell them the priority of the study. You can also specify the time frame in which you want to perform both tasks.

In this case, you can use the employee monitoring software, and you can specify the specific deadlines for both tasks and the goals that should be achieve by completing these tasks. You can also use this tracking software to direct your employees to reach the end result realistically. Other instructions can also be provide using the best EMS software.


employee monitoring software


Tip 4: The performance measurement should be used to improve the performance.

Performance measurement does not mean that you systematically devalue your employees. If you use productivity monitoring software in your business, you want to improve performance. This means that you also have to follow our Tip 2. This tip says that quality must take precedence over time.

An employee monitoring software tells you that top performer. And if you want other employees to get the same benefits, you have to reward the best employees and give them premiums. We assure you that this will encourage other employees as well. This means that you can look forward to better results in your following report.

If you monitor computer activity, you can find out why some employees perform below average. The best productivity monitoring software will provide you with the basis for the route that can be application-specific. So if low-performing employees use a particular social media site or app, you can impose restrictions to divert their attention to a specific task.

Tip 5: Use a transparent communication channel.

In general, companies have decentralize communication channels. However, it is best to use an open and transparent communication channel to disseminate information and receive responses from employees. The best UMS software provides a central communication portal to promote coordination between management and employees.

It is essential to mention that the exchange of honest and truthful information with employees helps to build strong bonds. In addition, it helps the organization bring all employees on board to achieve its goals. And when individual and organizational goals are reconcile, success can only be a few steps away. Even more interesting is that transparent communication can be the perfect tool to enable this.


With employee monitoring software, you can keep a close eye on your employee’s performance. However, the purpose of the best EMS software is to develop the coordination between management and employees. Monitoring instruments form a bridge that bridges the gap between the two parties. Businesses, therefore, need to use tracking tools to improve the performance of their employees rather than letting them down.

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