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How to Grow Instagram Page? [33 Easy Ways in 2022]

Although Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications today, it is possible to find newcomers every day. Most users have one goal: increasing Instagram followers. Of course, what we mean by increasing is the number of likes per share and the number of followers.

But we have prepared a list for those who say “no bro, what’s the money for me” or “who deals with them”. In this way, from users who want to start a business on Instagram, to users who have been burning with the desire to become a phenomenon for years and increasing Instagram followers, exactly 33 items below are waiting for you to take a look at them to help you.

Do not forget that this is a small effort in the name of digital marketing, and it is possible increasing your Instagram followers growth rate by using what we have written below for your own business.

But before we start, to remind you for the last time, as we just wrote, getting the marketing right is the most essential thing for your growth, so your followers need to be actively involved in your posts. Remember, the more interaction, the faster the growth.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started:

1. “Follow Follow”

By using the hashtags that we are used to seeing in this way, you can ensure that people from all over the world see your posts. Specific examples of hashtags, the rest of which you can see for yourself on your “Discover” page are: #FF(Follow Friday), #instafollow, #l4l(like for like, or hasthtags used in writing), #tagsforlikes, #followback.

2. Show Interest in Follower Photos

Leave a like on the photos of the people in your follower list. For this, we recommend that you also consider the hours. By looking at what hours the users are most active with the time settings you can find in the article below, the likes you leave at the appropriate time will return to you in the same way 🙂 .

3. Organize Contests/Sweepstakes

One of the biggest ways to gain attention is to organize contests or sweepstakes. Put content of this nature under a photo of you and say they just need to leave a like on the photo to participate. The rest will come automatically.

4. Share Your Account On Your Personal Social Media Accounts

Publish your current work on your own accounts, for this type of sharing, generally behind the scenes photos of your work, or the competitions we mentioned in the third article, etc. You can do it using

5. Every User Can Potential A New Follower

Leave comments or likes on other people’s photos. The rest is up to people’s curiosity.

6. Follow The Most Popular Hashtags

Keeping the statistics of the most used hashtags will benefit your business more than you think. You can see this by putting the # sign while searching in the “Discover” section. You can narrow the results of this research with Turkish words.

7. Post at the Right Time

As we mentioned at the end of the second article, timely sharing, which is as important as liking your followers’ photos, will ensure that your share is seen by the most people.

8. Enter Users’ Profiles With The Same Hashtags As You

Browse and follow profiles that use “Follow to Follow” style hashtags, and many will come back to you.

9. Give Importance to Quality Over Quantity

Take care to include the most beautiful and eye-pleasing photos in your account, placing the product you will share on the right background, or using the photos that will best describe your service will always be more advantageous than sharing lots of photos a day.

10. Use Appropriate Filters

Research the filters marketers use. Pay attention to the use of filters, which is one of the first steps to create a pattern that suits you and your profile.

11. Build Your Bio Correctly

Use the right keywords and hashtags when filling out the bio on your profile. Pay attention to its fullness. Do not forget that the number of people who want to follow a profile that looks like spam sharing will be less.

12. Ask Questions in Explanations

Ask as many relevant questions as possible in the description section of your posts. Such questions will accelerate your growth by ensuring that your followers are in constant interaction with your posts. These interaction will help for increasing your Instagram followers.

13. Don’t Skip Sundays

Sunday always maintains its place as the day with the least shares on Instagram. You can earn a little more attention by sharing markets.

14. Be Consistent

Remember what and for whom you share your posts. Act by planning ahead of time how you will use Instagram for these purposes. By doing this, it is more possible to achieve a more uniform growth rate.

15. Keep Interacting With Your Followers

Sharing posts such as “Write what you think about this topic in the comments”.

16. Make Changes to Your Posting Frequency

Although quality always outweighs, do not be afraid to increase the frequency of sharing after you establish a certain pattern while sharing. Although there is a general belief that the frequency of sharing causes decreases in interaction, research shows the opposite. According to the research conducted by Union Metrics in 2014, there is no negative relationship between the frequency of sharing and the amount of interaction.

17. Follow Recommended Users

You can reach this audience by turning on the “Suggested Users” feature in your settings.

18. Based on Your Most Engaged Posts

Using the services available in the market, find out which of your posts gets the most attention and proceed based on that posting style. You may also like 26 Ways to Become Popular on Instagram.

19. Use a Location Label

Tagging the region you are in in your posts is a truly unique opportunity, especially if you work locally. Those who share in the same region will see your promotion and accelerate your spread.

20. Don’t Overcome

Doing this at fixed times (like 15:00 every day) while sharing will accelerate the growth of your page.

21. Be Sincere When Communicating

Rather than simply opening your follower list and leaving likes for each follower’s first picture, selecting them, making the comment properly rather than advertising, will leave behind any advice and statistics you can find. These include finding profiles to follow at fixed intervals and responding to incoming comments.

22. Ask for Mention

Ask users who have a large following on Instagram, who use your products, to share a mention with content. In the continuation, the followers of these users will also browse your page.

23. Use the color blue

According to certain studies, pictures with blue color intensity get 24% more likes than others.

24. Use the Word “Comment”

By giving a subliminal message, increase the number of comments that will come to your post with a small word.

25. Use Faces

Rather than just sharing a photo of an item, share photos with people who use/hold it and you can see the results for yourself.

26. Tag People Where Necessary

Tagging the right people in the right photos makes them more likely to appear on their homepage and be shared briefly.

27. It’s Good to Light Up

The brighter the better. Make sure that the photos you use are bright in terms of both the backgrounds and the use of colors.

28. Create Your Own Hashtag

Create a custom hashtag for the content you plan to market and use it consistently. By doing this, you can kill two birds with one stone, while collecting your content in one place and increasing your visibility.

29. Share Behind the Scenes

It allows you to reveal the personality of your brand by sharing the background of your business. Of course, showing the people behind your logo too 🙂

30. Drop Your Account To A Popular Follower

If you have a popular Instagram follower, it may be best to leave it to them occasionally. An example would be Spinnin’ Records, the major electronic music production company.

31. Use Images Created by Your Followers

Especially if your product has been used here, it is perfectly suited for sharing. These will not only accelerate your growth, but will also help you make a good impression.

32. Act With Plan

We have mentioned in previous articles. However, it is important to emphasize once again the importance of this. Keep track of yourself and prepare your plan before you start. Although it’s always helpful to keep track of these remaining items, we can assure you that the other 31 items won’t work properly without it.

33. Using Instagram Services

The best way for increasing your Instagram followers is to find and use good Instagram services. We already tried and find the best site to buy Instagram followers, buy Instagram likes and buy Instagram views. So, which is the best site to buy Instagram followers? Answer is easy, Flowline Center. You can easily visit the site from this link:

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